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MyBlogGuest Guest Post Publishing Contest Invites All Blog Owners!

MyBlogGuest Guest Publishing Contest

Want to win $1,000 while promoting your blog and getting free content? It sounds like a pretty sweet deal, and it is just what you stand to gain thanks to My Blog Guest‘s publishing contest!

All you have to do is publish posts from MBG’s Articles Gallery, promote those posts through social media and the highest spread poster will win the cash prize.

But all of this is right alongside what everyone who participates gains: free content from high quality writers of your choice, exposure to your blog, comments and shares and an increase in traffic thanks to exposure from MBG itself.

How Do I Participate?

Rules & Regulations

Winners of the contest get the $1,000, based on the comments, shares and promotion resulting. But everyone who participates gets the benefit of free content and exposure, so be sure to enter!

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