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When Motivational Speakers Are Bad for Business

Motivational Speakers

Top motivational speakers are beneficial for business – at least that is the common assumption and general agreement within the event community. Unfortunately this is not always the case. There are itchy instances where this benchmark phenomenon is counter intuitive for corporate companies.

Big corporations and small start-ups alike, diligently strive towards superior products and higher sales figures and come conference month, it is time to hire motivational speakers to encourage employees and endorse the management thinking.

It is usually an outstanding way to add value to audiences who desire that extra juice to run faster.

Listening to oblivious motivational speakers

The unpleasant probability of listening to oblivious motivational speakers

The distasteful dilemma is just that some guest communicators sincerely belief that their toilet humour is extremely funny. Other are so boring that by the time they have completed their long awaited speech, the irritated audience actually had a nice nap and are well rested for the next point on the agenda. This gives the popular speaking industry a bad name and contributes significantly to its low credibility in certain business circles. Then one doesn’t even discuss the horrible prospect of listening to clueless speakers who speak a lot of hogwash.

A little foresight can go a long way to finding and booking dynamic motivational speakers for future corporate conferences and business events. One can go through a seasoned meeting planner or negotiate with the professional communicator themselves. A prudent process is also to make use of a speaker’s bureau that represent a variety of experience speakers, skilful entertainers and funny comedians.

Do not ask the motivational speakers to speak at the end of the conference

Here is a word of friendly advice: unless you have a super vital reason, get the selected inspirational professionals to start your event and not end it. Doing it this way, you can get double the benefit.

Staff members go home with challenging thoughts, but equally important they get fired up with rocket fuel right at the start of the corporate conference. It sets an energetic pace for the strategic event, before you are even out of the starting blocks.

The negative opposite is to get motivational speakers to speak right at the end on a Friday afternoon, when everyone is dog tired and ready to go home, which is a dubious investment at best…

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