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5 Thing you Need to Do before Making Profits from your Poem Blog

Thinking how to bog for money

The basic idea of earning from your blog no matter what niche it is to invest is your time and creative energy, specially if you don’t want to spend your money, but in this case put in mind that time is not free, time equals money, so don’t believe someone says that you can make money from “nothing”, money can not be created from “nothing” the same like energy, you can not create energy from nothing, however you can make money from blogging about “nothing”!

So many people still wondering how to make money blogging in different niches, and maybe this leads to the importance of our blogging niche as Famous Bloggers blog is about helping people to understand ways of making money from blogging, and give them an honest advice with no fakes.

So, the first advice is not to rush things and speed up the process of monetizing your blog, it should be the last thing you will do and after some other important steps that will determine wither your blog is ready to be monetized or it still need more work before it can bring real profit streams.

The process of making profit has easy steps, each of these steps it not so complicated if we look into each step as standalone, but it takes time and effort to be fully understandable by you, so I am amusing that no body can get the whole idea from reading a simple blog post, or even tens of articles, so . The better understanding will come after practicing your blogging way.

Steps of making profitable poem blog as I see it:

1- Make sure you are using the right Blogging Tools

I highly recommend that you get your own domain name, get WordPress installed to your server,  this is the case if you want to grow your blog in the future and a voied moving it to another server, this will save you hard work, time and probably money. Find the best recommended plugins and a clean good looking theme, submit your domain to search engines. Make sure you have the necessary pages that people look for when they first visit your blog like “about & contact me” pages, spend some time reading our Blogging for Money Guide before you start, it’s simple and will help you to better understand exactly how to do it.

2- Publish your Poems to your blog

In this step I assume you have wrote some great poems of your own, get them up to the blog, make sure they are not published elsewhere, I recommend you publish at least 10 unique posts.

3- Spice your poem blog

One cool idea is to make a category or section for poetry gifts and greeting cards, and believe me people love it, specially if you updating it with fresh and unique cards, they will come often to get your gifts and cards, and search engines will be crazy for your blog if you add discretion and tags for card images!

4- Build a community around your blog

This is one of the real challenges that you have to pass to make a successful blog that has loyal readers, Actually you don’t to have a blog to start this step, you can always do it from the first day of your blogging to earn some time while you are getting your blog ready, I mean even it’s not in it’s best shape yet! people like it so much when you interact with them, people like it more when you visit their blogs and tell them what you think about their blogs and give some opinions and advices. Talk about what you like, it’s not basic thing to visit only other poem blogs, you can do the same thing by talking about something else! Think of it like you are promoting your self not your blog, you are gaining more friends, not blog readers!

It’s also a very nice idea to create a group for your blog on one of the social networking websites and start to invite your friends. Try to help people so people will return the favor one day to you! Just do it and don’t wait for anyone to visit you back, I am sure they will do with out you have to ask, the secret is “be nice to people”!

5- promote your blog through poetry contest

From my personal experience with blog contests, I recommend it for you specially if you just started your blog and you want to get the word out and tell people that your blog exists, plan it well and have good prizes to get the attention, and start to promote your blog through it. If you didn’t run a contest before and you don’t know how it works, contact us and we will be happy to guide you.

Now we can talk about monetizing your poem blog!

Each step above will take time on your blogging project’s time line, so be a ware that you will not earn from the day zero of blogging, but you will clearly see the difference after you are done with each step, as you are adding a value to your blog as time pass!

So, after you have done a great work by following the steps above, you need think! Open your blog in your browser, relax in your seat, and look to your blog and see the difference that you have made, and now we can talk about monetizing your poem blog! Now you can enter to the Making Money Online world, and there is so many ways to do it! But this is not actually the topic today!

I was trying in this post to guide you in a very simple way to how to make profits from your poem blog, I was trying to make you understand how to plan the process by logic, I was trying to help you to plan it and imagine your blog and how it will look like after a few months latter from starting it, So.. maybe now you are putting your hand on some basic information about planning and monetizing your poem blog.

So, now! And after you read this post, I recommend that you go a head and download this free income blogging guide by clicking here, and spend some time reading our Blogging for Money Guide.

Keep visiting our blog from time to time, when ever you have a chance so you can to get more ideas for your blog as are trying all the time to fill the gaps on the internet and write about what our reader want to know about!

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