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5 Most Not-So-Obvious Marketing Mistakes In Magento Stores Promotion

Having online store now is not a piece of cake. The competition is enormous and the amount of rivals increases with every day.

It looks like you are doing it all right: you have a nice design and high quality goods, but for some reason success and huge revenues are not coming to your store. You keep your investments on the same level, but the amount of customers wouldn’t grow. You launch a new product line, but nobody is in rush to buy it from your Magento store.

Sounds familiar?

Then it might be the right time for you to check how flawless your marketing strategy is and maybe there is still some air for improvement there.

We have talked to a number of successful Magento shop owners to make a list of the most common mistakes that are not-so-obvious even to experienced Marketing Specialists.

1. Complicated registration

Some Magento stores owners think that they need to know it all before letting their customers place an order. Of course, data mining is still extremely important for a successful marketing strategy, but registration is definitely a wrong place to gather data from your potential customer. Asking too many questions not only looks suspicious, but also discourages a client from spending any money at your shop. The best thing you can do here is introduce login via social networks: it cuts the procedure to 1 click only as well as lets you get some more information with spending 0 extra minutes of customer’s precious time.

2. Ignoring Magento SEO friendly URLs

Another important, but not obvious thing is URLs. Making Magento URLs SEO friendly wouldn’t take a lot of time from you, but would give you another bargaining chip in the fight for high ranking position in the search systems. With using a special Magento extension making custom URLs for each page wouldn’t take long and the result of such activity would bear fruit for you Magento store pretty soon. Besides, your customers will love your new informative URLs that will let them find the required page with your product in their browser history so much easier.

This way, using Magento SEO friendly URLs is a win-win situation, which would do your store only good things with the minimum of effort taken.

3. Having no meta tags

Meta tags are another helpful SEO tool that is left unnoticed quite often. With the help of meta tags you it would be easier for your store to deliver information to the search engine (same as with Magento SEO friendly URLs). This way you can expect your ranking position and traffic as a result to be higher. And the more visitors you have at your store, the higher the sales are.

4. Having no public space for feedback

Some shops are so much afraid of negative feedback that they leave no space at all where customers can rate a product or leave any comments about it. This is a poor practice since you leave out a great tool for boosting your sales. Sure, public opinion can be harsh, but this might spot out some areas of improvement for your store. Besides, real reviews improve trust and confidence and show you as an honest contractor. And the positive real reviews are a known way for increasing profits.

5. Clueless checkout process

And the last but not the least is the long and clueless checkout process. Even if you have already made it as short as possible (which is the first thing any Magento store owner should do) don’t forget to add the total amount of steps and the indicator of how many steps are left. Otherwise you can expect your customers to give up the journey without spending a penny at your store.

As you see, these results are easy to follow. We highly recommend you to try these solutions out and wish great success to your Magento store.

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