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Best 10 Marketing and SEO articles at MMO Social Network

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Here is my second round up from inside Making Money Online social network, I will do this often to promote your great submission to MMO social network and I will not worry about the time that much to give as much Luv as we can, means our rounds from the network is not going to be monthly or weekly round, but I will try to shrink the time between the rounds as much as I can to give more blog promotion to articles that got most votes.

So, it depends on you, on your submissions and also on how many MMO members votes for your submissions, I will give promotion to original blog articles on the network, so keep submitting your Articles to our DoFollow MMO social network and double your backlinks when others vote for them, I am sure that all bloggers will love to get those awesome backlinks specially Google update pagerank. check the Top 18 Stories from MMO Social Network from our last round to find more useful blog articles and great tips.

MMO Vote Button WordPress plugin

Because finding a good and honest developer is a so much pain these days, and most of them will ask for big bucks to work for you, or he will give you excuses not to work on more projects, I had to work by myself to develop a WordPress voting plugin for MMO social network, to make it easy for you to get the vote button on your blog with out having to digg into the code as so many members was asking me about it.

The good news is I have managed to create one by customizing a social networking plugin, and I will try to make it available for download soon, so stay tuned!

And here is what I found on MMO social network for you today:

Marketing Stories

SEO stories

If you would like to see a link to your articles in our MMO rounds then head to the MMO Social Network and start submitting your articles, we will do more of these rounds as part of our promotion.

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