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MakingMoneyOnline.com Domain and Blog is For Sale Seriously

making money online blog

Yes! It’s true and I am not kidding, MakingMoneyOnline.com is for sale, Doug Dillard and his partner Mark Smith decided to sale MakingMoneyOnline.com plus the whole package of .net .org they own. Here is what Doug says about it: “Instead of just letting this beautiful website and domain name just sit here and get stale, we have decided to sell it and let someone else build it to its potential”. Read our interview with Doug at New Media Bloggers.

I really feel sorry because MakingMoneyOnline.com is for sale and someone else will manage it, and I also feel more sorry that I don’t have a few thousands of dollars to buy this premium domains and the blog, I really like it and would love to take it, it has all what a blogger need to start a good online business!

What MakingMoneyOnline.com has?

  1. A premium (12 year old) domain name and the dotnet and dotorg extensions
  2. Great content
  3. Wide rang or readers
  4. Newsletter subscribers
  5. Good looking and professional theme
  6. A blog that already earning money!
  7. What else…?!

It will work just great for your collection of MMO projects

Making Money Online blog - makingmoneyonline.com

I wish I can take it, but what to do!

I just can’t! Anyways, I decided to post about it to let you all know and maybe one of you will take the chance to own this great domain names and change the history!

The domain names are 12 years old, the PageRank of MakingMoneyOnline.com is 2 because nobody was posting to it often since a few months back, but that doesn’t mean anything, and I don’t think it will affect the price!

How to buy MakingMoneyOnline.com

If you are interested to own MakingMoneyOnline.com blog, make sure to visit the Auction Headquarters early to get signed up to participate.

What is your expectations?

We would like to head from you, so take a look to MakinMoneyOnline.com blog and tell us what is your expectations for the price? And how much you think it worth?

We will be watching this great blog getting sold at next week’s DOMAINfest Global Auctions.

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