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  5 Tips To Make Your Blog User Friendly

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Every second many blogs get alive on the World Wide Web but only few blog stand out from the crowd and surpass difficulties to remain active for long.

Now the question is: Why this happens? So we have your answer. Actually, from outside the blogging arena seems to be so easy and easy way of earning money that every next door person want to try their luck in this blogosphere. Even you might have heard that in blogging you can earn while sleeping, we are not saying this is not true but to achieve this you need to word hard in a smart way.

Everyone’s approach is not successful  because many of work hard but in a wrong way. In today’s era to become successful in anything not only we need hard work but also smart work. So to make your blog user-friendly and stand out from the crowd you must be a bit different from others, and this will lead you to become a pro blogger.

Now let’s directly come to our point, from this post we will be discussing the tips that you being a blogger can implement easily on your blog, to make your blog user-friendly stand out from the crowd.

Your Content is Your Weapon:

You need to use this as your blogs weapon, if you can write quality content then this is enough to gain attention in the blogging arena. Many of us just focus on SEO but neglect ours owns blog content. Be strict with what you publish. According to your blog set your standards, and there is nothing wrong in it if you need to reject some posts if they could not make it to their way. So never compromise with the quality as the content is the king.

Research Things Before You Deliver:

Now the question is how you will write or maintain the quality of the content if you have not researched before writing. There might be exceptions in some cases if you are pro and expertise in writing on some specific topics.

So my opinion is to write only if you are ready and a well-researched article will add glory to your writing style. With that, you must use catchy headlines because this is the first thing anybody out there in the blogosphere is going to look. This may be considered as attracting your visitors with the skills of writing a catchy headline and then followed by a well researched informative content.

Sharing Is Caring to Make your Blog Famous :

Sharing your contents will let other’s know, about your blog and about your content so let your readers decide if you are really publishing quality content or not. Before that, you must join some groups to build a community of your own niche bloggers to share contents with them.

From there you will surely get a lot of tips from the pros and thus you can easily make your blog user-friendly and stand out from the crowd.

Try Effective Search Engine Optimization:

Many people do SEO but there is a difference, you need to do effective SEO for your blog to make your blog stand out from the crowd. As we all know about two types of  SEO’s one is  On Page SEO, i.e. the things we do on our blog posts to make it easily available for the search engines to get indexed.

For this, we must use a focus keyword, H1,H2 tags in variation. You must check competition of the keyword you are using so the search engines can place you on the first page.

You can check keyword difficulty by FerzySEMRUSH etc to drive search engine traffic.

The other one is OFF Page SEO i.e the things we do on other blogs to rank in search engines. In this, you must find blogs related to your niche and start guest posting and blog commenting right away with your links

Website Templates Adds Charm Be specific In Choosing Them:

Have you ever thought of visiting a blog that looks boring and has no images in their blog posts? Your blogs must look very attracting as the first impression is the last impression.

You need not be an expert in coding as there are many website builders that can help you to make your blog user-friendly and  stand out of the crowd in look wise also.

There are many good website builders that will make your work a lot easier and can create live blogs that actually look more beautiful than just a normal blog, such as MotoCMSWix etc .

Though there is always a room for improvement always try to improve your blog’s look, writing style, SEO etc. Hope this post of mine will surely help you to make your blog user-friendly stand out from the crowd.

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