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Are Developers still working on Local Servers

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I remember that getting your blog or website ready and online was much work to do, and takes time to publish the blog online, specially if you  have just brought your domain, so probably you will need one or two days to get this domain name ready, this was because new domain name needed to be activated and toke several days sometime, so why not forgetting about local servers and work on web hosting directly?

Activating new Domain Names

Booking a new domain name is much more easier and it works and gets activated FASTER than ever. One year back it toke a bout 2 days to get a new domain activation, then latter some of my new domains got activated and work after a few hours. Today it’s much more faster, and it only take a few minutes for a new domain o get activated and ready to work. I think the secret is the Web Hosting you are using.

I was amazed how fast I can get a new blog online, so what’s the secret? I am not a web hosting techie guy so I can answer this question, actually this is a question for my readers, so if you know why, then explain it to me plz!

Working on Local server or Online?

I can not hide the fact that I don’t like to work on my local server anymore, I don’t have any server running on my laptop, I don’t have PHP on my laptop, nothing!

I actually stopped doing this since more than a year ago, I mean the internet is more faster (I have an extremely high speed internet from ComCast), so if I can get a very good Web Hosting then that’s it, I don’t need to work on my local machine anymore. This is exactly what I need for my testing and development purposes, because I can create a blog in minutes and do some tests and then remove it just by a few clicks!

Why I don’t work on my Local Server?

  1. I don’t run my work, test it and develop it on local machine server because of this:
  2. I don’t like to play with local machine settings to match web hosting settings
  3. Plugins works on local machine and have problems on web hosting server
  4. I have to immigrate my code and database after finish to test it again online

I don’t work on my local server to avoid problems when uploading my blog or website to it’s host, basically I do web design, HTML, CSS, and some PHP, I create blogs, setup plugins, I like to test new plugins and most of them will probably work on my local machine server but not all of them will work good on my web hosting server, so I prefer to save my time and upload everything to the exact place and web hosting that will host it for ever and avoid immigrating the code and database.

OK! that was me

What about you? Do you still develop your websites, blogs and plugins on your local server?

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