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List Eruption, The Newest List Building WP Plugin

List Eruption

You may have seen some discussion around a new list building plugin called List Eruption that has proven to build subscriber rates by over 257%.  Today is the day that List Eruption is being released to the public.

List Eruption leverages a combination of friend referrals, social media, and enticing bonus reward content to allow each of your subscribers to grow your list FOR YOU.  This easy to integrate WP plugin turns every subscriber into an affiliate for your mailing list.

How List Eruption Works

List Eruption is a referral system, email reminder system, and subscriber tracking system all in one.  It provides you the power and control to ERUPT your list by offering each subscriber additional content and special offers for referring their friends to sign-up for your content.  It will also keep track and send out automated reminder emails to each subscriber to encourage participation so they reach their next reward level.

Visitor Opt-In Process:

The great thing about List Eruption is the control you have over what bonus content you want to provide your subscribers and how many referrals they need to reach each bonus level.

A typical example of a bonus reward would be…

On top of this amazing referral rewards system, we have added a bunch of other features that will make getting leads super easy.  We have added…

What This Means For Your List

With List Eruption, you can now multiply each of your subscribers by turning 1 Opt-In into 5, 10, 50 or even 100!  This means less work on your part and a quicker, more efficient way to build your email list.  It also means you can start multiplying your income.  With more targeted referrals and subscribers, you can offer discounts on your own products or make recommendations on products as an affiliate.

Hurry, Limited-Time Discount on List Eruption

To kick off the List Eruption launch, we are giving a HUGE discount on the plugin, so that it is affordable to everyone and so everyone can take advantage of all its features and functionality.

Get Your Copy of List Eruption!

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