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How To Become A Link Building Expert

To become a link building expert you need to do more than memorize what other people say are effective link building techniques—you need to build and test your own link building systems.

Become A Link Building Expert #1—Build Backlinks

Experts have experience. The best time for you to start getting experience is now. Read what a current link building expert says about link building and apply it to your site or sites.

Work on one technique at a time until you master it and then proceed to the next technique. Try any and every technique which isn’t forbidden by Google and other search engines. (Maybe even try the forbidden techniques on unimportant sites. Any technique is worth trying as long as it isn’t illegial or immoral.)

Keep building your experience—that’s the number one step toward becoming a link building expert.

Become A Link Building Expert #2—Test, Test, Test

Now that you have experience in several different link building methods, you need to learn which are the most effective for different types of sites.

Start with a simple and tried-and-true link building technique such as guest posting. See how effective it is on new sites with few incoming links and how effective it is on established sites with hundreds or thousands of incoming links.

Then try the same experiment with other link building techniques, such as link baiting, or other types of sites, such as sites outside your niche. Keep testing different techniques until you’re satisfied that you know when and where to apply them.

Become A Link Building Expert #3—Read More

You started out by following a single link building expert and mastering his or her advice. Then you proved his or her advice was accurate (or not) by testing it. Now it’s time to look for new ideas.

Read everything you can about link building. Note that this step must come after mastering and testing—if all you do is read about new techniques, you’ll never get started, you’ll never become a master, and you’ll never become a link building expert.

Become A Link Building Expert #4—Meet The Masters

Now that you have experience, data, and learning, it’s time to look for another link building expert with whom to share your experience. See if your data matches his data; see what he’s read that you haven’t; suggest innovations to him and critique his innovations.

There is no way to become a link building expert without finding someone to confirm or deny your pet theories. If you operate in a vacuum, you put yourself at risk of going off on wild tangents which waste your experience and hurt your sites.

But if you find another link building expert to play off, you’ll both rapidly improve each other’s technique and become masters more skilled and more experienced than any solo link building expert.

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