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Legal Considerations for Professional Bloggers

It is amazing to think about the progress that blogging has made—not just as a creative outlet, but as an actual profession. Once upon a time, blogging was considered, basically, to be a hobby, a digitized form of journaling.

That wasn’t so long ago, in truth, but today blogging is at the center of both journalism and marketing; to boot, there are countless professionals who make a living from their blogs.

This is a boon to the blogger, of course, but it comes with its own set of concerns. Because blogging is very much a legitimate profession, those who blog professionally must contend with all of the pragmatic issues that self-employment entails.

Incorporating Your Blog

For example, you may reach a point at which you no longer wish to be “self-employed” per se, but rather wish to turn your blog into its own corporation. Incorporation brings with it a number of advantages, the most significant being financial. Incorporating means a significant easing of your tax burden; those who have ever paid self-employment taxes know how significant this is.

Additionally, incorporation will help with liability, separating your personal liability from that of the company—and that’s no small thing, least of all for bloggers!

You can file the paperwork to incorporate all on your own, of course, but doing so can be difficult; even knowing whether to incorporate or perhaps form an LLC or a sole proprietor corporation can be complicated. Hiring a business attorney to assist with these matters is ideal.

Tending to Your Own Needs

Certainly, bloggers need to think of their blog as a business, and to attend to the business’ needs as such. With that said, it is also important for bloggers to think about their own future—and that of their family.

Doing so is easier said than done, especially since none of us can see what the next day will bring. Preparedness is the key, and bloggers should prepare for all contingencies—including, frankly, those things that might be morbid or unpleasant to think about. Something tragic could happen to you, and you’ll want to make sure your estate is in order and your family taken care of—but how?

Best approach is to hire an attorney. A “local attorney is better as he or she better understands the local laws and court processes” says a estate planning attorney in Orange County can prove an invaluable ally to you as you seek to get your legacy in order, and the best possible protections in place for your family.

Needing an Attorney

Simply put, knowing a good attorney is critical to the success of any blogger. In addition to the issues mentioned above, you may also run afoul of issues with legal liability and with trademark or copyright violation. And what happens if you ever find yourself accused of libel? Once more, just knowing a good lawyer can prove sufficient.

Bloggers cannot afford to simply ignore issues of the law; that’s why it’s best to seek a good attorney today.

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