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Best Joomla Affiliate Programs to Join

In the last article Joomla affiliate program: make money online step by step, you can see the list of Joomla product providers and Joomla service providers that offer affiliate programs to make money online.

You can get the details about their commission and advertising methods as well as payment information. But there are so many Joomla affiliate programs and I know that you’re wondering how to choose the best ones.

Now I will help you to pick suitable programs to get the highest benefits. There are 3 parts in my article:

Criteria to choose the best Joomla affiliate programs

You should have a look at these criteria to choose the best ones:

High commission, but easy to achieve

Be careful

Some Joomla template providers give you a high commission but check the number of sales you need to achieve the high commission rate. The commission rate usually depends on the number of sales you achieve, so it might take you a long time to attain a higher rate of commission.

100 products – How long until you can reach this level?

And do you have enough patience to reach this level?

You are affiliates, you want to see money in short time so I believe that you can’t be patient enough to work for these kind of affiliate programs.

Tip for you

A suitable number of sales for each commission level is about 100 products, and the commission rate is increased by 2-5% for each level.

Sales of 10 products, at a reasonable price for each product, is easier to reach.

Low minimum balance required for payout

Be careful

Whether you are an advanced affiliate or a newbie, the minimum payout is really important. You don’t want to see the money but you can’t use it, right? With some affiliate programs, they define a payout requirement at about $100 or even $200. What does this mean? It means that you must pay attention to your promotion plan and work harder to reach the minimum.

Some affiliate programs define a minimum payout requirement at about $100

Tip for you

You should choose a low minimum payout requirement. About $45-50 is suitable for all affiliates.

Hi-quality products and services

Be careful

If you consider Joomla providers who have many products, it means that they might have to support a large amount of customers and their support system might be slow. You can understand the problems this provider faces, but customers can’t. They need help, and they want to have support quickly.

Tip for you

You should spend time reading testimonials on each website, or check the quality of the products yourself. If you promote products which are high quality and get many recommendations from other users, your sales will increase quickly. The most important thing for customers is ease-of-use and quick support.

Read testimonials to see why customers choose the product.

When you sell a product successfully and the product satisfies the customer, he might be happy to share it with friends. Your affiliate link can go viral in longer time even you don’t promote it anymore.

The provider cares about the Affiliate program

Be careful

Affiliate programs are a useful marketing tool, so you can see them available on many websites. But you should pay attention to how the provider takes care of it. I’ve contacted some affiliate providers and had no reply for a long period (more than 1 month). How can you work well with a provider when they don’t pay you any attention?

Tip for you

I want to share some small tips with you to help you learn about which Joomla providers take care of their affiliate program.

Professional software provides various affiliate tools to promote products more easily

Check the time it takes for an affiliate provider to answer your questions

List of the best Joomla affiliate programs

To save time, especially for newbies, here I only list the top Joomla provider ‘s affiliate programs in my experience. Here is the list with detailed information about products, PROs & CONs and suitable affiliate levels.

Affiliate program


Product quality

Affiliate software

Support quality

Suitable affiliate levels

Joomla templates
JoomlaShine – High commission: 35-50%– 4 level to reach, the highest level need 70+ products, easy to reach.– Extra bonus each month.- Minimum payout: $50. – Easy to configure: suitable for every user– Excellent support– Less products: 10 templates + 2 extensions – Powerful affiliate software: Post Affiliate Pro – Provide more marketing materials and better report for affiliates – Quickly answer via ticket system & forum after a few hours. – A lot of education material for affiliate: marketing tips, showcase, e-books, etc. Beginner



Joomlashack – 1 commission rate: 20%- Minimum payout: $50 – Popular brand on Joomla community– Many products: 60+ templates, 5+ extensions and Joomla training courses. – Basic software Infusionsoft– Link generator tool right in admin area – Short form to register quickly – Time support: 2 days– Lack of affiliate resources. Beginner



Joomlart – Initial deposit: $20 – 9 levels to reach: Easy to reach 20 – 24%, difficult to reach 26 – 36%- High minimum payout : $80 – Popular brand in Joomla community – Many products: 115+ templates, 13+ extensions; 6 membership plans – Old software: Idevdirect– Have tool to email up to 3 friends at one time – Time support: 4 days– Lack of affiliate resources. Intermediate


Joomla Extensions
StackIdeas – 1 commission rate : 30% – No minimum payout required – Short referral cookie: 3 days – Allow for discount price – Popular brand in Joomla community – Easy to configure: suitable for every user- Products: 4 Joomla extensions – Easy to use software Omnistar – Long form to register – Need long time to be approved: 2 days – Quick support: answer ticket after few hours Intermediate


Arzul – 1 commission rate: 35% – Long referral cookie time in the visitor’s computer: 90 days – Popular brand in Joomla community – 2 products: JomSocial, JomComment and other projects – Register as affiliates with Plimus –> have many other products to promote – Lack of affiliate resources.- Time support: 3 days Intermediate


Joomla training
OSTraining (Joomla training) – 1 commission rate: 40% . – Low minimum balance for payout: $20. – Popular brand in Joomla community.- Each course has a really cheap price. – Old software: Idevdirect- Needs a long time to be approved. – Quick support: answer ticket in a day- Lack of affiliate resources. Intermediate


Joomla hosting
SiteGround No minimum earning required. Commissions paid each week!- Commission: $80 – 150- 4 levels to reach: the highest level needs 21+ sales, easy to reach. – Popular brand in Joomla community. – Attractive service with low price and many extra support for free. – Build own affiliate program – Referral program has more attractive price for customer. – Many useful marketing material. – Quick support: answer ticket in a day Beginner



How to promote the Joomla products you choose

The best way to promote the affiliate’s products is by sharing your experiences. There is one rule in being an affiliate: only promote the products you are interested in. Nothing’s better than a recommendation that comes from real experience. You can promote the affiliate’s products in many ways in your site.

Use social media channel

In the article Joomla affiliate program, you can see an example of how to use Twitter to promote the affiliate link. You can do the same on Facebook or Google plus. Have a look at the interests of people around you and tag suitable friends in your post.

Create a list of extensions you are using

If you own a Joomla website and you are using the product you want to promote, show them as products used to build this website. For example, I have a website using JSN Vintage from JoomlaShine templates, EasyBlog from StackIdeas, JomSocial from Arzul, so I put all those names in the footer area, with my affiliate links.

Be active on forum marketing

A forum is the perfect method for you to reach customers quickly. Put your affiliate link in your forum signature, and contribute wisely. Remember, do not spam the forum. Providing good answers will help you get many clicks-through, even if you don’t mention anything in your signature.

Write articles about products you love

Writing blog posts is the most popular method for affiliates, especially new affiliates without websites.

There are many free websites for you to post articles with an affiliate link, such as: squidoo.com, hubpages.com, ezinearticles.com, etc.

Some topics that customers love to read about are: meaningful products comparison, list of best options, how to quick tips… It’s better to note for visitors that your link is an affiliate link. You should be honest with customers; they will understand and feel more comfortable when they decide to click the link.

A small tip for you: If you use Squidoo.com, you have a chance to get more money based on article views.

In conclusion

So, with two articles about Joomla affiliate programs, I think that you have all the necessary information to start earning money online, right now. Are you interested? What do you think about joining Joomla affiliate programs? If you need more tips, or more useful articles, you can find them in our affiliate education materials.

If you are ready to join, don’t wait, choose an affiliate program right now. Remember to come back here and tell us about your experiences.

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