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Integrating Email AutoResponder Services to BlogSkin for Thesis theme

BlogSkin for Thesis Theme

I’ve talked before about the BlogSkin for Thesis Themes as one of the best thesis skins for blogging, especially for multi-authors and Internet marketing blogs. Today we’ve integrated five major email autoresponder services to BlogSkin’s opt-in form, but this is not the only feature that makes this skin a really unique skin for Thesis themes.

Integrating email list service to Thesis themes is not a hard job, but integrating five email autoresponders and allowing users to switch between them is not that easy, especially when it’s about providing a simple way to enable and customize the opt-in form though the WordPress admin page in a very simple and clear way.

The new features have been added to the BlogSkin 1.5 as a beta release, and the final release will be ready in a few days after doing some more testing and getting feedback from our members to make sure everything is good to go.

Email AutoResponders supported

And as you can see, it’s really easy to pick the email list you are using and integrate it to the Skin opt-in form:

Yes it work with all these email list providers!

BlogSkin makes it super easy to add a fully customized opt-in form to your thesis blog with a few clicks in the theme options panel. You can even switch between email auto-responder services at any time, and in addition, you can set each opt-in form to build two email lists at the same time. iI depends on what you would like to do without having to code anything. Also, The control panel allows you to customize 100% of the text and add images to the opt-in form.

BlogSkin looks simple and professional

Download BlogSkin for Thesis Theme

BlogSkin is not a free thesis skin. Also, it works under Thesis Framework. It costs $87 to get your copy of the skin, but for a limited time ,you will be able to download it for only $67 at ThesisAwesome.com website and enjoy all it’s amazing features, updates and support. This is $20 OFF it’s original price.

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