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How to Increase your Google AdSense Earnings?

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Google AdSense is one of the most common ways to monetize traffic on the Web but most of the webmasters/bloggers hardly make a decent amount from Google AdSense to cover their blog expenses as it take months to reach the Holy $100 amount which are required for the minimum Payout. But in this article I would be sharing some Ethical tips which would help you to increase the revenues from Google AdSense without getting your Account Banned.

High Paying Keywords: Find High Paying keywords in your niche and try to develop more content on your website for those keywords. Remember that same keyword which pays $1 for click in one country might pay you 1 cent for click in another country so do your research carefully.

Blend Ads: Google allows you to change the color and Font of your AdSense Code. Blend your Code effectively so that the color and theme of your AdSense ads match with the theme of your website.

Remove Borders: Ad units without borders and have same background color as of website gives better results as compared to ad units with borders.

Add Link Units: Link Units are list of topics relevant to your content and when a user click on topic Google will show him a page of ads related to topic. Adding link units near Navigation perform very well.

Place Ads in the Content: Placing blended ads between the content perform very well. But don’t overdo it especially when your posts are really small as it can make your users frustrated.

Positioning of Ads: Place where you are putting your ads is very important. Don’t put your ads on a location where they are hardly visible. Use enough white spaces around your ads so that they can attract the user attention.

Section Targeting: Section Targeting is a great way to tell Google about the sections and content of your website on which you want them to emphasize while matching ads to your site content. This feature would help you to improve the Relevancy of ads displayed on your website which would automatically increase the CTR and Revenues from AdSense.

Block Low Paying Ads: You can use Google competitive ad filter to block the ads which pay as low as 1 cent for each click. These ads are mainly from MFA (Made for ads) sites which look for cheap traffic who can click high paying ads on their sites. You can sign up on Adsblacklist.com to find out the 200 MFA Sites relevant to your website and then block their ads. There is no Guarantee that blocking ads will increase your revenues because you can block a good low paying ad with high CTR. So keep observing your earnings.

Prefer Text Ads: Text ads work much better as compare to image and banner ads. Text Ad units -250×250 Square,160×600 wide skyscraper,336×280 large rectangle,300×250 medium rectangle perform better as compared to other ad units.

Increase Traffic: It is not a secret. More Traffic Your Will get, more people will click your ads and more money you would earn. Do SEO of your website to improve its organic rankings in your search Engines.

Reducing Number of Links: Reduce number of links to other page would reduce the options for visitors and would increase the user chances to click ads. Also you can open each link in new window which would give user one more chance to click an ad on the current page.

Keep Testing: This is the last tip. Keep tweaking your AdSense code and test different ad units on different positions of your website and analyze the revenues generated.

Gagandeep Singh is a freelance writer who mainly writes on Landing Page Design and Testing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and Technology. Feel Free to check his Landing Page optimization website.

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