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3 Stupid Simple Tips to Quickly Increase Conversions Using Your Blog Sidebar

Are you using or abusing your blog sidebar? This little old piece of blog real estate can be a boon or spell doom for your online business. Really, because people often jump over to the sidebar area after reading your value-packed content.

Well, I at least HOPE your content is value-packed.

You see all types of approaches to using the sidebar. Some use few widgets with no real purpose in mind. Other people litter their sidebar with ad after ad, opportunity after opportunity. Even if your opportunities are awesome, your free giveaways are unreal and your ads are eye-catching, too many options spoil the conversion pot.

What Are Conversions?

For the purpose of this post I am defining conversions as people who opt-in to your list, click on your ads or buy your products.

Really, it is the whole purpose behind your blog, at least if you run an online business, and that is simply influencing your readers to take the next step. Increase your conversions and you can make a ton of money online. But if you never convert, look out. You will struggle to make a dime, because people are not taking that next step that eventually puts money in your pocket.

As for the stupid simple tips, well, they are actually quite easy to follow, so, stupid simple they are. Just read the post and follow this advice to boost your conversions quickly.

Tip – Define the Purpose of Your Blog

My blog teaches people how to generate cash online.

So each widget on my sidebar should focus on helping people generate cash online. If a widget does not help people generate cash online, it confuses my readers, and my conversions suffer. So, use niche specific keywords in each post, to ensure that your AdSense ads are relevant, and are in alignment with your purpose.

Make sure other ads are in alignment with the purpose of your blog too, and oh yeah, make sure your About Me text and image are related to generating cash online. I know, I seem like a stickler, but it really is all about the details. When I posted a new image of myself sitting in front of my lap top, my brand grew some legs, and I fully aligned my sidebar with generating cash online.

Tip 2 – Not Too Busy OK Dude or Dudette!

Some sidebars make me so dizzy, I feel like hurling. An onslaught of blinking ads, pictures galore, AdSense, opt-in forms. Too busy, too much at once, and when your readers are presented with too many choices, they become confused, and yep, no clicks, no conversions.

Limit the number of widgets you use on your sidebar, especially if you are in the process of building up to 100 visitors a day. Too many options sends your readers to the hills, without clicking anything, or opting-in to your list.

Post 1 clear cut call to action, and maybe 1 or 2 secondary calls, if you want to increase conversions quickly as a growing blogger. Now, if you have a massive readership, feel free to post more calls to action, or ads, because you are dealing with a wider, more diverse audience, who might appreciate more options.

Tip 3 – And WHY Should I Do It?

Ouch. This one is the kiss of conversion death!

If readers are not clear on your call to action, and it is not painfully obvious, your conversions suffer. Again, if you check my sidebar I posted 2 ridiculously obvious banners directing my readers to sign up for 21 simple tips to mesmerize prospects and a few benefits of my gifting club.

Yep, blatant, I know, and the reason why? Well, you want to mesmerize prospects, and receive free training, and heck, who wouldn’t like cash gifts being sent to them? Bingo. My conversions increased steadily after posting these prominent banners in my sidebar.

Are you struggling to increase conversions?

If you are converting at a high clip what tips can you add?

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