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How To Increase Blog Traffic In 5 Easy Steps

Do you want to learn how to increase blog traffic? It’s easy—use these five simple steps each month to grow your blog to new heights.

How To Increase Blog Traffic #1—Blog More

The more content you have, the greater your chance of attracting traffic. Every single post you write will probably rank for some long tail keyword—even if it’s a really long tail keyword which only gets a handful of searches a month.

But a handful of searches is enough to give you a few more pageviews each month, and there’s no easier way to increase blog traffic than by using the traffic you already have.

Just say you had 1000 blog posts which average 10 views a day each. Imagine if you had 2000 posts. It is all about the numbers here, but the statistics get drastically better when you rank for some juicy keywords. The more longtails you can pick up, the more traffic you get.

How To Increase Blog Traffic #2—Market More

The only people who will visit your blog are people who know about your blog. Writing more posts will help people find your blog through Google and other search engines, but there are millions of other websites through which people can find your blog. Market your blog to those sites.

You can write guest posts for other sites which will attract traffic to your site. You can offer resources on your blog which other bloggers will share with their audiences. You can promote your blog on social media.

There are hundreds of great (but still easy) ways to promote your blog posts. Try at least one new technique every month.

How To Increase Blog Traffic #3—Reward More

If you want more blog visitors, offer a bigger reward to the people who do visit your site. Write higher-quality articles. Offer more inside information. Give away something everyone else would charge for.

In any industry, the people who offer the most value usually end up winning in the long term. Blogging is no different. Your marketing should tempt people into visiting your blog, and your blog should reward them for visiting.

Happy visitors will increase blog traffic almost as if it were magic.

How To Increase Blog Traffic #4—More Media

Most blogs start out with text blog posts. These work great because they’re easy to skim and easy to get indexed by the major search engines. But more and more people today are spending their time on the Internet consuming non-text content.

Try adding alternative media to your blog. Start a video series. Create a podcast. Hire an artist to create infographics. Get some of your articles translated to a different language.

Don’t stop doing the things which work for your blog, but also don’t hesitate to try to break into new markets. The best way to learn how to increase blog traffic is by experimenting and following up on the methods which work.

I personally create Youtube videos that are directly related to the content I am publishing. For example, I recently wrote an article about allowing contributors to upload images in WordPress. Explaining how to edit the code in your WordPress website can be difficult and that is where a video comes in handy.

How To Increase Blog Traffic #5—Less Crud

The more you write, the more you market, the more you reward, and the more you experiment, the more you’ll discover what doesn’t work. But don’t just make a note of what doesn’t work—go through your blog and purge anything which doesn’t work.

This tip is included in my free PDF report with 85 tips on how to blog.

High-quality doesn’t appear by magic. If you remove the lowest-quality parts from something, the average quality increases. Last time I told people that tip they cried out in horror! Do not leave low quality content on your website. Delete it or rewrite the content to raise the standard. Please note that if you must delete an entire article you can also tell Google by requesting a URL removal in Google web master tools.

When you write an article, go back and remove the lowest-quality sentences. When you review your upcoming blog post queue, delete (or postpone publishing) the lowest-quality posts. When you look at any aspect of your blog, get rid of the lowest-quality and least-effective parts.

Nobody wants to see raw diamonds. They’re covered in ugly crud. But if you polish the diamond and remove the crud, the gem everyone wants to see shines through. In the same way, removing the crud from your site so the best parts shine is how to really increase blog traffic.

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