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Good News and new Hotness for Thesis Theme Developers

Almost everybody –bloggers– knows about Thesis theme, but in case you don’t know about Thesis and you have a WordPress blog running, let me say that you will love Thesis theme specially the new Thesis 1.6 version. You will really like to get Thesis theme for your blog, it’s not only because the options it has, but also because it will introduce you to another level of blogging and will teach you so many blogging and theming tips that you never know about them, and using Thesis is quite simple. We are proud to use Thesis theme on Famous Bloggers blog.

I just got an email from DiyThemes team, they have great news for Thesis members and especially for Thesis developers and they came with new enhancements to user experience on the DIYthemes site that will make it much easier to navigate the website, let me put this in points!

For Thesis members

DiyThemes website has a new DIY Dashboard, which you’ll find atop the site once you log in, there is handy links added to the best Thesis resources on the DIYthemes site, which will help you to find the information you need quickly and easily, and this is not all! You will be able to download Thesis, upgrade your account, purchase Client Site Options, and even join Thesis affiliate program. I consider this a great add to DIYthemes site, don’t you think so?!

For Thesis Developers

Client Site Options has been expanded to include 5 and 10-site packages, now you can save money when you develop sites for your clients by purchasing in bulk, the 5-site option cost only $36/site, and the 10-site option is only $32/site. Isn’t wonderful?!

For Thesis Affiliates

All Thesis Affiliate members are invited to check out the newly-redesigned home page on DIYthemes, I have just visited it now and I really like it. It’s clear, concise, and rich with information detailing the benefits of Thesis, all this will help you to increase you affiliates with Thesis.

I would like to hear what you think about DiyThemes website enhancements and updates, and also what you think about Thesis as a theme for WordPress! just say it in the comments

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