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Headway 3.0 Get it Today or Forget it!

Headway 3.0

Headway 3.0 is coming to the light tomorrow

Finally, Headway 3.0 is coming to the light tomorrow, the 25th of November 2011, if you don’t have the developer option of Headway Framework, then be sure to upgrade now, why? Because the developer option’s price will increase once Headway 3.0 goes out.

What to expect from Headway 3.0

Watch this video that demonstrates how Headway 3.0 looks like:

[vimeo=http://vimeo.com/32279191 w=630&h=360]

You know, I like WordPress Themes Frameworks because it’s flexibility, it’s what I use for work, I need it to develop my client’s projects.

This is why I own the most three popular frameworks in the WP themes market, Thesis, Genesis and Headway, and looking forward to own more great stuff once it comes out! If you develop WordPress websites for your clients, then for sure you know what I mean.

Secure your copy of Headway now!

How Headway 3.0 grid system works

Here is another video that shows how easy is it to use the new grid system to create layouts, you are going to love this!


It’s only a few hours and this deal will end, Headway price will increase, so hurry up, make your mind now and buy it!

Secure your copy of Headway now!

Probably you know that the best time to buy stuff for business is in the Black Friday and Cyber Money deals, during these days many companies release great stuff and give sweet discounts, that’s why it’s highly recommended to buy before these deals ends.



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