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The Best Google Plus Tutorials

Google Plus Tutorials

If you have been watching the growth of Google Plus social network in the last a few days, then probably you are feel the craziness of Google Plus. I personally haven’t seen a network spread among people this fast  before, and it’s not weird that people started already to shout many tutorials like how to use Google Plus network, how to invite people to join Google+ and stuff like that.

Google Plus Tutorials

I’ve published a few days back about the network, and I asked my friends to share what they think about Google Plus network and I’ve got some amazing feedback. Today I thought to take a tour on Google search and try to find useful Google plus tutorials to share with you.

Inviting people to join Google Plus social network

The most crazy one I found was about inviting people to join Google Plus social network, as Google stated in the help articles that:

Google+ is in limited Field Trial. During this time, when you share something with people who aren’t yet able to use Google+, they’ll receive it via email but won’t be able to comment or engage with the content like other Google+ users. They’ll be able to join Google+ as we let more users in over time.

Many bloggers and social media geeks started to offer Google plus invitations, and they published some nice and useful Google Plus tutorials.

Learn How to invite friends to join Google plus, and How to invite others to join Google Plus without the invite button.

How To Mention Someone in the Google Plus Network

If you are wondering how to mention someone on the Google Plus Network and have the status link to his/her profile then you might like this Google Plus tutorial by my friend James.

A quick post on How to mention someone in the Google Plus Network.

Discover Google + Sparks

I didn’t know about Google Plus Sparks till I came a cross Brankica’s post, I am sure you will love this feature because it simply keep you up to date with cool news that you really like to know about, and you no longer need to go to Google News for that.

Stay up to date with your interests and Discover Google plus Sparks.

How to turn Google Plus into Facebook?

Hmmm.. Interensting!

TechCrunch describe it as a social networking war between Google Plus and Facebook, and probably it’s true! But why I would turn my Google Plus page into another Facebook page?! Do I really love Facebook’s blue color that much? mmm… I am not so sure about that, especially that I won’t know the difference between both accounts if I do so, man.. I am bored!

Anyways, it’s up to you to turn Google Plus into Facebook!

How to use Google + – a quick guide and thoughts on Google Plus

If you want to learn more about the new Plus network, check out this useful tutorial and thoughts.

How to use Google plus, a quick guide and thoughts on Google Plus

Where Google+1 and Email Privacy / Publicity Meet

A very informative post by Vicki talking about email privacy and publicity of Google Plus network. If you would like to know more about the new Google Social network privacy, then read this post!

Learn more and find out Where Google+1 and Email Privacy / Publicity Meet

10 tips to make the most of Google Plus

Some really nice and interesting tips to make the most of Google Plus that I would like to share with you, I’ve got it from Examiner.com.

10 tips to make the most of Google Plus.

That’s all for today!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend like I did. Enjoy these Google Plus Tutorials and stay tuned for more awesome stuff.

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