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5 Ways Google+ and Google Hangouts Can Benefit You as an Entrepreneur

Start up costs to a business can be high, and if you’re a young entrepreneur lacking the financial backing of a Fortune 500 company, it’s time you turn to all the technology available, particularly the networking services offered through Google, to save money as you build your business.

Let’s look at five ways in which Google+ and Google Hangout can add a social component to your business while also saving you money.

Use Google Hangout to Replace Having an Office Space.

Instead of shelling out dough to rent or buy an actual office, hold virtual meetings, webinars and conference calls via Google Hangout.

This way you can see your employees or clients, but don’t even have to put on pants since they’ll only see you from the waist up. Gather your team, woo prospective clients or entice investors all from your virtual conference space that costs nothing to maintain.

Offer Yourself up as a Consultant.

In order to expand your expertise in whichever field you’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur, offer up yourself as a consultant who is available for consultations via Google Hangout.

You can promote this service on Google+ and other social media sites, and also use those sites to connect with other experts and those who may be interested in your services.

Hold a Media Conference.

Once you’ve gotten word out about your company, promote to the media and general public by hosting media briefings via Google Hangout.

It’s much more fluid than issuing a paper or email release and allows you to interact with the public. People can ask you questions in real-time and you can engage them further with your own answers – and questions, if needed.

Use Google+ to Target Specific Populations.

Find your audience on the Internet by targeting specific people and communities on Google+.

Look at shared Google Circles that are in your given interest area and find a way to get in and reach out to the members of that social media-created group. Create your own Circles as well and promote them in other virtual places where you promote your business.

Integrate These Tools with Your Other Efforts.

Google+ and Google Hangout are just a couple tools at your disposal as an entrepreneur in the Internet age. Incorporate them into your broader business strategy and marketing plan and use the messages you spread across them on other social media sites, on your website and in traditional printed materials. You should only be using these and other tools if they fit into the mission and audience of the business you’re trying to create.

These are just a few of the ways you can use Google+ to grow your reputation as an entrepreneur and build your budding business. They are also useful for promotion, reputation management, customer engagement, product demonstrations, informational interviews, organizing events and a plethora of other things you’ll need to do to get yourself considered among the Fortune 500.

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