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Godaddy Domain Vouchers Are Great For Gifts

Buying gifts can be hard, especially if the recipient is hard to buy for or seems to have everything he or she could ever need. Why not do something different the next time you need to buy someone a gift by getting them their very own domain name and website through GoDaddy.

They let me know about their 99c domains (rarely happens) and even when that offer finishes, you can currently get a $1.99 .com domain from my godaddy coupon page on my blog. Cheap and quick to get a gift for anyone, even the man who has everything :-0

Godaddy often allow selected sites to offer domain coupons to their readers and that’s exactly what happened to me!

First Step is to choose a Domain Name

Your gift recipient will need a domain name in order to build their new website or blog through GoDaddy. So, you can buy them a domain with a GoDaddy coupon and choose their own special domain name. A domain name is the address for your website or blog. It can be just about anything you like from the name of their store, i.e. www.billsburgers,com to the name of their blog, i.e. www.Ilovecats,com.

The only limitation you have is if the name you want is already registered to someone else.

GoDaddy’s website products are a great option for people such as a small business Internet Marketer who needs a reliable web hosting company who can help him or her to get started in branching out into selling online. The best thing is that GoDaddy offers such great discounts such as a domain coupon for GoDaddy that can be used to help pay for any of their web hosting or domain name registration products.

What Hosting Packages Does GoDaddy Offer?

GoDaddy offers three main web hosting plans that you can pay for via the GoDaddy voucher for money off the purchase. These include the economy plan, deluxe package or the ultimate package. It depends on if you intend for the gift recipient’s new website and domain name to be for a hobby or an actual online business venture.

The Economy plan is best for people who are beginners and thereby won’t need a big long list of products or services. This package still gets GoDaddy’s great customer service that is available 24/7 and 365 days a year. It’s perfect for a hobbyblog or small personal website.

The deluxe package offers more for those who actually need things like ecommerce when they use their GoDaddy voucher for money off and sign up for this package. They get a larger amount of bandwidth and more email accounts.

Godaddy’s ultimate web hosting package is the best deal for big business users. These folks get unlimited bandwidth, hundreds of email accounts, and much more. It doesn’t matter which of the three plans you buy for your gift recipient. Any of them are eligible to be paid for via a GoDaddy voucher for money off or the domain coupon for GoDaddy products and services.

Godaddy Voucher for Hosting too!

Many people don’t know that a lot of hosting deals come with a free domain and that can be another way to get a cheap domain , sometimes hosting is just $1 per month. You can find the latest vouchers and coupons for GoDaddy http://comluv.com/godaddy-coupons-offer-extended-again/

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