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How to Get a Job in Tech (infographic)

Get a Job in Tech

Three tech behemoths; Apple, Facebook and Google are the leaders in the technology industry. Everyone wants a job there. A fact from the graphic that most interested me: “1 in 4 young professionals want a job at Google“. I don’t think I would ever be qualified to work in such a place, but there may be several options according to this graphic from the Masters Degree team that lead me to believe I just might have a shot.

As the technology industry continues to boom, there will always be a demand in computer science and engineering. The desire to innovate and create the latest and greatest are exactly what these tech giants are continuously looking for. However, that’s not all they’re looking for. Other areas of specialization seemingly arise when talking about these companies. Which doesn’t shoot anyone down, it’s simply telling them to reach for other positions if their desire to work for the tech industry leaders is much more than a dream.

The breakdown of this graphic highlights what Apple, Facebook and Google are looking for in new recruits. Which may be a helpful hint for those that are just dying to get a job in the tech industry.

Created by: Masters Degree

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