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Future Of Engagement Episode 2 with Chase McMichael

Future Of Engagement

While companies and brands spend a lot of money on social media, most of their resources and efforts are wasted, and practical they are not getting enough interaction from their followers or “clients”. That’s a big challenge indeed as the game has changed! Today, social media consultants and managers are not really into “follow us” or “like us” strategy, I mean who cares about numbers if there is no engagement, so they are staring to focus more on “engage with us” strategy as a way to add a human touch to the relationship between brands and consumers.

Murray Newlands interviewed Chase McMichael the founder of InfiniGraph.com about how to find out brand’s big challenges when it comes to social media, who our influences are and what’s their interest, and much more.

It’s really useful to have an answer as this will help brands to set their social media goals.


P.S. This video is  part of the Future Of Engagement series by Murray Newlands, which Famousbloggers.net took a media partner place to bring it to its readers.

I hope you enjoy the interview, and till next time!

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