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My Future Ways of Make Money Blogging


If you are readers of my blogging tips blog, You should already knew how I currently make money trough blogging. I already wrote about it in My 5 Current Way of Make Money Blogging article. In that article, I wrote 5 ways of my current way to make money trough my blogging. You also can find the result of those five ways in that article.

Of course, It will be meaningless if I repeat that thing in this guest posting – and if so, Hesham surely will not allow this guest posting be posted in this his great blog. Therefore, I will write a different article but still related to make money blogging in this guest posting – I still write about my make money blogging ways here.

Hem … if I still write about make money blogging, what is the difference then?

Of course there is a difference since I said so. If in my old article I write about my current ways in make money blogging, In this article I write about my planning to make money trough blogging in future. You can find the list of make money blogging ways that I intend to do it in near future in below – the make money blogging ways that I intend to do when the time is right.

List of My Future Make Money Blogging

#1 Blog Service

Since I write blogging tips in my blog, I think sell a blog service is feasible as one of my make money blogging ways. I intend to not sell a just blog service but intend to sell a complete blog service – blog service from A to Z – such as blog creation, blog design, blog optimizing, blog transfer, blog monetizing, blog writing, blog marketing plan etc. In other word, I can service all of your blogging needs.

#2 Web Design Service

Since I am doing blog design in my current blog, I think I can extend it into web design. I make blog design as basic step to improve my design skill so I will able to sell web design service in future. Of course, I aware that web design is far more complex than blog design which I do in my blog. Therefore, I will offer this service after I really capable of it. I think web design service offering trough my blog will work great as steady income source in future

#3 SEO Service

I did and still doing SEO for my blog so it is surely feasible to offer SEO service in future. Of course, It is after I have great skill in SEO after learn it trough my blogging. As in Web Design Service, SEO service surely will become great steady income source in future moreover if I can show my SEO success story with my blog. SEO Service is surely great additional for my future service page in my blog with Blog Service and Web Design Service.

#4 Sell An E-book

It is a plan that I want to do after one of above service is success. I will write an E-book base on my experience in running the three service above. And surely it is need a reputation to get optimum result of E-book selling. That’s why I will sell it after one of the three services above is success. I need the success story as reputation building so potential buyer believe they can get something useful from my E-book.

Final Words

As many said that if you do not have a plan, you plan to fail, A plan surely important in blogging – especially in make money blogging. That’s what I do in my blogging live. Even tough I already had my current ways of make money blogging but I also prepare my future plan of it and I share it trough this guest posting so you can get some insight from it. Beside that, I still need some input from you trough comment form. 😀

That’s all update this time, wait for next update!

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