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Need a Full Time VA at an Affordable Price?

Having an online business can cost you so much unnecessary time and money. All the bits and pieces add up. And when ideas start flowing more and more things are needed.

The worst thing is there isn’t many options out there when it comes to hiring and managing staff for your online business.

Apart from hiring a freelancer from Odesk or Elance but its annoying to go through interviews on there.

Well how about if you had your own Virtual Assistant that could work on all the techie things you need but hate doing?

Well now you can…

Introducing Virtual Helper 247

With Virtual Helper 247 you can get Fast, Reliable Virtual Assistants working for you whenever you need.

The problem is if you want your business fully automated and have assistants in all key areas you need to hire a few Virtual Assistants and cost you at least $1k + /month.

Then you need someone to manage those staff…

Well how about if you had a few Virtual Assistants that could help you in the following areas of your online business:

AND Best of all didn’t have to pay anywhere near what you would normally need to pay.

Special Offer

Well for the first time ever VH247 are offering this amazing service to the public and at an unbelievable entry price.

Check it out here:


No catches but are limiting this to a select few so don’t be surprised if you missed out.

Make sure you take advantage while its open.

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