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When You Should Hire a Freelance Business Consultant

Freelance Business Consultant

Whether you are just starting out on the journey of launching your own business, or you have been in the game for a while and are looking to expand, drawing upon the experience and knowledge of a top business consultant is a tried-and-true path to success.

When factoring in the costs associated with hiring a freelance business consultant, do not forget to apply costs such as a hotel room and the very least a cheap car rental.  These factors are very important, as there is no point in paying for the services of a freelance business consultant if you are not going to be able support them in doing their job.

A business consultant is hardly going to be comfortable with riding the bus around a strange town, and you can miss out on important productivity and work time by skimping in this area.

Short-Term Projects, Long-Term Goals

Consider hiring a consultant if the problem that you are struggling with is short term.

Events and factors such as a large purchase decision, creating media hype around a product release, or even damage control around bad press or an unfortunate review, are all good times to consider hiring a consultant.  Do keep in mind that hiring a consultant you like and trust can be a lengthy process, even if your need for their services is short-term—so plan ahead to maximize the consultant’s impact on the situation.

Long-Term Projects

You may also benefit from hiring a consultant for a long-term project, wherein the specialized skills needed to get the work done will not be necessary after the project is completed.

A consultant’s rate could work out to be more than you might pay a permanent staff member, but keep in mind that you will not be incurring payroll taxes and benefits costs, or having to find work for that permanent employee once the project is completed.

In some cases, hiring a small business consultant, even if you only work with them for a year or so, can cost you less over time than hiring a permanent employee.

When Your Business Issues Are—or Aren’t—Clearly Defined

You may want to point to overhead capital, production, cash flow or other aspects of your business as the problem, when really it is only the symptom of a larger organizational issue.  If you cannot explain why your situation is what it is, and further, do not know how to improve it, a small business consultant will likely begin your partnership by helping you identify the core issues.

When You Know What You Don’t Know

You may realize that a business consultant would have the expertise that you do not have but need, but they may also have valuable business and community connections they have spent their whole career building.  When you hire a consultant, you not only gain access to years of experience but to the other people with whom they have done business.

Remember, when looking for and hiring a business consultant, know exactly what your problem is, and knowing what kind of specialties can best address the problem, and then doing everything in your power to keep the consultant comfortable and happy during their tenure with you, will ensure that everything runs smoothly and that your problem is ironed out with maximum efficiency.

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