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My Crazy Idea to Get Almost Free HostGator Shared Hosting

Free HostGator Shared Hosting

HostGator web hosting company got crazy! Yes I meant it, they are offering a CRAZY OFFER this Friday , it’s a 80% OFF Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting (For the whole purchase, first term length sign up for whether that be 1 month or for 3 years), and same 80% discount on other bigger plans like VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers (on the first month), so I have a little smart idea that could save you a lot of money, and we will focus here on the Shared Hosting Plan as most of bloggers who runs one or two blogs will not go for bigger plans.

The 80% is expired, but you have a big chance! HostGator is extending their 50% Discount during Cyber Monday, don’t miss it out! Get 50% OFF Shared Hosting

How much you spend on web hosting?

Alright, let’s see!

Most web hosting companies offers shared hosting from $4 up to $10 / month, of course you can get a discount when you first buy your shared hosting plan which will save you money, but let’s face it, most of us buy one year trying to save money, time pass so very fast! And after your first year of blogging ends, you will face the fact that blogging didn’t pay off, you probably didn’t make enough money on the first year considering other expenses of running a successful blog!

And guess what?!

In most cases you won’t able to get another discount when you renew your old hosting plan, you will then get slapped in the face like me, I am almost paying 10$ /month  and another $7 / month for two shared hosting accounts with two different companies at the same time, so I really wish something crazy happen in this world like this HostGator discount that will:

SAVE me $10 X 12 months X 3 years = $360

How to Get Free HostGator Shared Hosting Plan?

I am imaginning that you are paying $10 /month , 7$/month or maybe 4$/month or even maybe you’ve paid the full year and you just got your hosting last month, it does NOT matter!

I wold prefer leaving my old hosting company behind crying thier bad luck because they didn’t try even to keep me as a client while other companies are offering me better solutions with paying less!!

What really matters is your business success, thinking a head, planning , do the right thing, don’t pay extra, take the chance, be there on time! Simple, move to HostGator, pay $35.64 for 3 FULL YEARS this Friday!

This promotion gives our customers our award winning hosting for as little as:

So, I know most of bloggers won’t get a VPS or a dedicated server unless they really need it to run several blogs, sites and projects, and this is why I am focusing on the shared web hosting plan!

Note: This offer will not apply to you if you already have a web hosting plan with Hostgator, it will apply only for new clients and those who would like to switch web hosting and move to HostGator server. I was so excited and I thought to get myself a new shared hosting account and close of my other three account I have with other companies as this will really save me some money, so I had a little chat with HostGator sales guys and they have explained to me that I won’t get the discount because I am already a HostGator client!

So, lucky you if you are hosting your blog out of HostGator and you take action, it will make a big difference and will save you a lot of money, rest your ming with HostGator and take advantage of this crazy offer now!

Important details about the offer

Remember this offer is only running for 1 DAY on Black Friday

It’s up to you to pay $35.64 and save $360 of your blog web hosting, just relax your mind for the next 3 years of your life from hosting problems and extra payments! Don’t forget the date and time!

Move to HostGator, Pay Only $35.64 for 3 FULL YEARS Today!

Note: FamousBloggers.net is hosted on HostGator VPS.

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