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Forum Posting: For Backlinks or Direct Traffic

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People are starting to ask if forum posting is effective for link development. Today you will find out if forum posting is useful for backlinks, direct traffic, or both.

What Is Forum Posting?

Forum posting is the process of commenting on or creating new discussions (threads) on forums to get backlinks. That is what it originally was used for, anyway. You get backlinks from the links at the end of your posts called signature links. Forum posting is very easy.

Does Forum Posting Bring Direct Traffic?

Yes, it does. But only if you are posting on a popular forum that is relevant to your website. Your signature links will only be attractive to users if they are interested – They will only be interested if your signature  if the topic is relevant to the topic of the forum. This means if you want to get results with forum posting, you shouldn’t put a furniture link on a webmaster forum. Although some people using the forum might be interested, most of them won’t even see your link.

Does Forum Posting Bring Backlinks?

Yes it does. Obviously, you will get links from forum posting. How effective these links are is a completely different question. Links from forum posting are virtually worthless. Google knows how easy posting on forums is and that they are not links that the owner of the forum puts because he/she likes your site. In addition, forums are seriously SEO handicapped – Dirty URLs, duplicate content, 50 outgoing links per page, etc.


Forum posting doesn’t help you bring search engine traffic. Meaning that the backlinks you get really don’t matter. However, you do get traffic from forum posting, and this is important to note. To succeed in getting traffic from forum posting, you should be an active member on a popular forum that is related to your website. If you want to rake in search engine traffic, you may want to hire professionals to do the job for you – Trafficke Website Solutions

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