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Why You Should Checkout Sites like @Flippa

Buy and Sell Websites

When we make a list of ways in which we can make money online, flipping websites is one of the promising ways other than advertising.

Flipping websites is a profitable business as it gives you a huge lump sum amount sufficient for a lifetime. If you have a website and would like to flip, head right away to the #1 marketplace. In Flippa you can buy and sell websites, domains, blogs and many more. We can find a lot many features available in the form of upgrades. A good usage of Flippa lies in the choice of upgrades.

Popular marketplace

Flippa, evolved from SitePoint Marketplace is the preferred venue for people to buy and sell websites online. This website has a remarkable user base in terms of the buyers count who are looking to buy websites as well as a database of varied websites to buy and sell.

One of the reasons adding to its popularity is the kind of websites available in Flippa. You can find established websites, domain-only sites and also fresh websites with almost no traffic or revenue. Flippa has a great amount of potential which is why we find a good number of flippa clone websites on the increase. With a suitable upgrade option, you can make your property more visible and get attention to your listing.

Escrow protection

Transactions in Flippa are carried out in a safe and secure mode with the help of Escrow services. The funds are safe in the hands of Escrow until you and your buyer are satisfied with transfer of the property. Flippa records all the activities that take place from the moment you start using the Escrow service. Although an extra cost to incur, you can avail the service as Flippa gives you a discount on the Escrow fees.

Listing made confidential

Keeping in mind the competitors and customers, Flippa allows your listing to be confidential. You can add your listing and select the Confidential Listing option. This comes as a form of a purchase upgrade.

A seller at Flippa choosing to be confidential hides the URL not giving room for any remake of the website by others.  Buyers who intend to bid for such websites sign the confidential agreement and proceed to bid. If your website is a high value website, you can make your listing confidential in order to avoid undervaluation of your site.

Google analytics for balanced analysis

Every listing in Flippa is accompanied with Due Diligence information. Nobody will be willing to buy a fake website or domain. In order to increase trust and confidence among buyers, sellers can upload traffic data directly from Google Analytics. The report gives a genuine analysis of the website performance which the buyers can verify before proceeding to bid or make an offer.

Twitter upgrade

Connect your listing to Twitter and get greater visibility. You attract more bids by exposing your listing on this social platform.

Added advantage to sellers

Apart from flipping websites, sellers at Flippa can look to maximize earnings with their after sales service. Suggested services include offering site maintenance to buyer, hosting services via affiliates, designing custom websites and selling them at a premium sale price.

Flippa gives a win win situation to both buyers and sellers according to my perspective although people would say the website is more beneficial to sellers only. A good and secured environment marketplace to buy and sell websites.

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