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Facebook, I Can Shutdown You from My Account and Smash your Cookies In My Browser!

Facebook Tracking its Users

Another “Boom!” happened today in the social media world when an Australian technologist discovered that Facebook tracks the websites its users visit even when they are logged out of their accounts. This information was published on a blog post, the main stream Media around the world took it from there, and heating it up asking Facebook to explain.

“Whenever you visit a web page that contains a Facebook button or widget, your browser is still sending details of your movements back to Facebook.”

“Even if you are logged out, Facebook still knows and can track every page you visit”

That was what Nick Cubrilovic wrote in his blog post about the Facebook tracking issue. Check out this page by yourself and see what Facebook engineers says!

I need to breath!

[box type=”gray”]Facebook, don’t think that because you are so big, you can do whatever you want! To deal with people you have to be a God. I am sorry, but you are not! You are just another site that has cookies, I can shutdown you from my account and smash your cookies in my browser.[/box]

The only solution for this issue is to delete every Facebook cookie in your browser, then restart it, or maybe use a separate browser for Facebook interactions. (Can you believe that?)

The world is freaking open

Facebook wants users to share it all, some people don’t care, but a lot of people do really care for their privacy, I am one of them!

I’ve limited my activities on Facebook since long time a go, because I don’t have any guarantee that my privacy is maintained! Even though, Facebook sometimes take steps in the right direction!

What about you?!

What do you think?

And what you are going to do?

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