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Facebook Games for Her!

Facebook Games

One of the most traffic generation resources for Facebook is Games. There are many Facebook social games that you can play with family and friends, and from the huge numbers of people who play games on Facebook I can tell that they are really enjoying it! Another very interesting thing which is related to blogging, many bloggers started to create blogs around these games which led to organize many online gaming communities, networks and forums to spot the activities of the gamers and connect them together outside the game.

Facebook Games for Her!

One very interesting game that has all the hottest fashion called Sorority Life, it lets you be a fashionista and live the glamorous life of a sorority sister! Sorority Life game has 1,259,703 active player based on it’s fan page stats, however it’s not the top game based on number of players, but it’s the top fashion game indeed, this is why I thought to title this post “Facebook Games for Her”…

So, girls only please 🙂 Naah.. Just kidding!

Do you play Sorority Life Game on Facebook?

Sorority Life Free Gifts

If you are part of Sorority Life game, you may find this interesting, I came across a nice website called SororityLifeFreeGifts.com, the site offers Sorority Life Free Gifts to its community and the game players, the cool thing about it -and it’s why I am sharing this- is the contest they are organizing this month, you might get a chance to win a $100 Facebook Pre-paid Game Card.

There is nothing better than having fun while winning a cool prize, so check it out and be the helper of the month.

Visit Sorority Life Free Gifts

Want more Facebook Games?

Check out the top Facebook games from it’s database sorted by user rating.

Let us know!

Do you know that Facebook gamers spend more than 927 Million hours per month playing, how many hours you spend on Facebook Games?

Do you play often from your iPhone, iPad or Android? Or you prefer the web?

Is there any guys who play this game?! I am curious 🙂

[box type=”green”]Summer is too long, and you don’t have a chance to go to the beach that much, you don’t have any other way but to play video games :)[/box]

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