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Perfect Event Management With WordPress Instantly

WordPress is one of the highest using blogging software in the virtual world of internet. Business and management system has been already modified to online status. Recently I have attended in a Word Camp near by Kolkata, where one of the corporate manager from Hindustan Unilever Limited has asked a query about how to manage event with WordPress. It is mentioned that she was once my colleague in Hindustan Lever Limited. Her question has impressed me to think and research on this topic.

Honestly I have nothing to say on that topic at that moment but I have told her to give me email id as I will send her details tutorial after reaching home.

My returning journey is fully covered with this topic and thinking that a upcoming event needs a website or blog, which may be cost huge amount for designing and setting up process via outsourcing designer and developer.

Why an event needs website?

An event may be small or large but it needs website to collect all the information related to event which can be made available World Wide Web. A event related website can provides some sort of information and details about the event such as objectives, date and time, contact information and event sponsors, donators, and speakers etc. After returning from the Word Camp, I have started deep digging on the topic how to use WordPress in event management website. Here is the full coverage on the topic states, How to set up an event management website using WordPress.

Quick Guide of Event Using WordPress…

1. Purchase Domain Name

Buy a domain related to proposed event. Normally TLD (top level domain) costs $10 for one year.

2. Purchase Hosting Service

Buy a hosting service from reliable providers. Usually Share Hosting costs $5 per month.

3. One Click Installation

Install WordPress via One Click Installation process.

Major players of hosting field such as Hostgator , Hostmonster and WPEngine allow users easy installation, even no knowledge of coding or hosting any one can install WordPress. However, if any one fails to install WordPress then simply ask the hosting support to install the same free of cost.

4. Select theme/skin

Selecting a theme or skin is not a hard task because WordPress has 2000+ free themes in their store and you can choose any one among those.

My recommendation to pick up well designed theme as those are created specially for event management. I am sure, those event management theme are not more expensive.

5. Create Desire Pages

Enter the Admin Panel (Dashboard) and create a few pages as event desires. Some default pages are About, Registration, Contact, Sponsors and a few more.

There is thousands of plug-ins for WordPress to fill desire requirements such Contact form, Registration form, Social share, Guest post and many more. Simply click on plug-in button, then Add new as much as needs. Search the desire plug-ins, install and then activate.

6. Create Event Blog

Creating a blog is a good decision for an event because blogs are normally loved by search engines and search engines are the main source of organic traffic.

Just pick up a topic related to the proposed event by clicking on post then new post, write down and publish the same.

7. Highlight the Aims and Objectives:-

Corporate world has become more competitive than before as World Wide Web forced all marketers in one place where consumers can gather information with in a minute. My 8 years in corporate field has been earned a few case studies on an event management. I think, these may be helpful for newbie or experienced too. The main highlighted themes of an event management are listed bellow:

  1. Real Time Collaboration
  2. Perfect Marketing Strategies
  3. Maintain internal Secrecy
  4. Own Thoughts and Expression
  5. Successful Immersive Experience
  6. Real Time Concept of Fusion
  7. Phobia of Forking
  8. Negotiable Pricing
  9. Interior Audience Involvement
  10. Consumer’s Community Personalization

8. Attract Visitors via publicize

Once the event management website is ready then must submit it to search engines along with Google to get faster indexed. But never forget to give some good reason by describing as above mentioned. Social media has already become hot bed of marketers and entrepreneurs because all section of people visits social media websites. So it is better to create social media profiles in major players of the industry such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and a few more. But keeping those profiles updated with latest information of the proposed event. It is seen that event lovers mainly want details of creativity which can impact on them. So, a great concept can carry a great deal of emotional involvement to embrace innovation on audience/guests.

Final thoughts of the author

I am sure that it takes a maximum of 10 hours to setting up an event management website using WordPress even the organizer is non technical person. WordPress is the easiest way to manage your event management website as it will safe large amount in pocket. If I have missed any points or factors in this article then don’t hesitate to comment for future updates.


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