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10 Techniques how to Start a Blog Post to Engage Readers to Stay on Page

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People can looks for ways to engage their blog post readers. When a viewer arrives at a post they can be looking for getting new information. A blogger can creatively express their thoughts which will make a visitor want to learn more, by working on more fully engaging the blog viewer they can start to increase their readership.

Bloggers will usually spend time creating an attention getting headline to draw users in to find out more. This headline can prime the reader to expect a certain concert to be more fully explained when reviewing the content.

After the headline the blogger should further cement their interest by forming an engaging opening. These sentences will be a continuation that lets them know what tone or type of content they will see.

1. Direct Statement

Opening a blog post with a direct and to the point topic can make the reader want to learn more. The blogger can get their attention by making a direct statement about a certain topic without a long intro.

The blogger can succinctly tell what they will review in the post. This can be appealing for readers who want a specific piece of content without extraneous details. By presenting a statement and then explaining it can make them want to keep reading on.

2. Query

Some bloggers might find that posing a question and explaining further about the topic increase the possibility of people reading more. They can use their previous data to find out unique questions that their visitors would like to see answered.

This can be a way to reach them by reviewing things they have asked in places such as the comment section. If the blogger accepts emails from their reader they can review these and see if the same type of question is being asked then they formulate a general question that allows them to use the post to answer.

Some bloggers might actually use a word for word query from a visitor to illustrate a point. Either way this can make the viewer feel a part of the process and that the blogger is listening to their concerns.

3. Personal Content

Revealing a personal piece of content can draw a viewer in who wants to learn more.

Taking events from this life the blogger can present a personal anecdote that will open their blog post. This story can be engaging and give the viewer a glimpse into the author’s personal experiences.

People enjoy learning about others and want to learn who the story will relate to the content being presented.

4. Humor

A writer that can express humor effectively can use this technique to get the reader’s attention. Making someone laugh will unusually be an opening that will make them want to read more.

A blogger can work on crafting humorous opening to appropriate topics to increase engagement. Reviewing the topic from this angle can show a unique way to view the content.

This type of content can need more feedback to make sure that the joke is being understood. The blogger can reach out to people around them and tell them their idea and see if others get the concept. Having feedback, they can be more assured that others will find it funny and interesting.

5. Multiple Choice

Asking a question and then presenting various possible answers will make the reader think about the topic. Having taken time to ponder the opening can make them more engaged. Presenting various possible answers, the writer can use these to develop several diverse ideas that relate back to one theme.

Presenting ideas like how to write my paper and showing the various ways to do it can be informative. This might make a reader curious to see how the answers relate to the topic being presented.

6. Surprising Elements

Introducing elements of surprise can quickly get a viewer’s interest. If the writer can find things that will make the user think about something new in a unique way they probably can get them to read more.

The blogger can back this type information with more detailed content such as numerical statistics  to prove their point or make the reader more fully believe what they are saying. Having the data to backup the unique opening can establish trust in the readers mind that the content below will make sense and give an interesting take on some topic.

7. Quoting

Some bloggers can find it effective to open their posts with a quote that relates to the content.

Taking time to research for these quotes can be time consuming but they can establish a bond between the writer’s content and something someone well known has said, this can make the reader want to learn more about a topic that was commented open by the public figure.

Quoting from less well known sources is fine if the readership will recognize the person. While the quoted material might be understood by a general audience a specific niche group of viewers can know how it is being presented.

8. Claim

Some bloggers will make a claim in their opening. This will tell the reader what they will get by reading on. Some people can be interested if the claim appeals directly to their situation. This type of opening will require the writer to effectively make good on the claim or they could lose goodwill.

The claim is a way to get a bold reaction from the viewer whose expectation will be higher. Delivering on the promise of the claim will make the reader interested to learn other things the blogger has discussed and can increase more long term visits.

9. Imagination

Getting the reader to think about something in the mind can make them want to see what is being said. If the writer can have them imagine them self doing something they probably will want to learn more.

Finding a way to reach the reader this way will take more effort but can be rewarding to see things from other people perspective.

10. Needs

Some bloggers, depending on the content can start their post explaining a need or problem that people have. Then they can use the post as way to explain how to satisfy the need or fix the problem. This way the reader will be interested in how they can also use the content to accomplish this goal.

Blog owners can review their readership to find things that the readers want to know more about what to fix. Finding their specific issues can make the viewer feel a connection with the writer when they explain how to go about solving something or how to accomplish a project.

Starting the out a blog post will be a way to move the viewer down a path. At each step in the process the blogger will be further demonstrating the next step to take. Connecting their thoughts from the headline to opening to content will create a natural progression for the viewer. They can understand how they all relate together and want to learn more. Reviewing the above topics can give blog owner ideas on how to create openings to more fully engage their readers.

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