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Email Marketing in the Eyes of Teens [Inforgraphic]

Email Marketing Infographic

I received an email from Aweber today, they are sharing a new infographic on their blog what do teens really think of email and trying to answer the popular question: “Is email dead?”, this question comes up a lot, and people had to argue all the time about it, especially that many other ways of online marketing are showing up.

Results are really surprising!

As you can see, nearly half of respondents (44%) believe that email will live on. Only 15% think email is dead or dying; however, many are unsure of its future.

Email Marketing Infographic

Infographic by Aweber

Most of the students (57%) agreed that email is good for business communication. Others pointed out that an email address is required for many sites, and that social media and email pair well together to cover informal and formal communication needs.

While it appears email will continue to utilized for now, a good percentage of teens think it will eventually die.

What do you think?

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