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Elegant Shortcodes Plugin Review

Elegant Shortcodes
Rated 4.5 stars

We’ve got good news from ElegantThemes today, they’ve just released their latest WordPress plugin, the Elegant Shortcodes which adds ton of shortcodes to your WordPress post editor, and makes it pretty easy to add an elegant touch to your content.

I am really impressed by these elegant shortcodes since it was added to all ElegantThemes Themes, but what really excited me is to have it in a form of a plugin.

Having these shortcodes in a wordPress plugin is just amazing, now you can actually use on any WordPress blog. And, it will work with any them, that’s why I think it’s going to be one of my portable plugins that I will carry on every single blog I create!

I like creative plugins, and Elegant Shortcodes plugin is certainly one!

With Elegant Shortcode, just Imagine it, and Create it!

Yes, that’s true, the Elegant Shortcode plugin is one of those creative and handy tools.

You just need to imagine how your page should look like, how content will be displayed and structured, and simply.. do it!

You can easily display content boxes, tabs, toggled content, images slider, pricing tables, tooltips, icon button, web buttons and more with this such a wonderful plugin.

ElegantThemes Shortcodes Anywhere

What I love about WordPress shortcodes is that you actually can display it anywhere on your blog, that’s why I started to code more shortcodes for my Author hReview plugin to display the rating rich snippets. I can simply say that shortcodes is a lot of fun!

Using the Elegant Shortcodes plugin will give your content a good look and feel, here is a sample of what you can display on your posts and pages:

How much this gonna cost me?

For members? It’s absolutely FREE!

For new members? (I can’t believe you don’t have an ElegantThemes membership yet)

Anyways… here is the deal…

You are about to discover the most affordable WordPress theme membership site on planet Earth!

Get 77+ WordPress themes plus the Elegant Shortcodes plugin for only $39

Or maybe I should say: Get this Elegant Shortcodes plugin plus free 77+ themes for only $39

Well.. you choose what works best for you, it doesn’t make any difference to me, really!

(Message delivered 🙂 )

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