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EBook Marketing – How Giving Away Your Giveaway Can Jumpstart a Stale

EBook Marketing

For many bloggers who write an eBook for the first time, their marketing strategy is likely to be none at all. Therefore, what they usually do is write articles, write guest posts, comment on related blogs, and so on.

Internet marketers are competitive, and some think that working with other marketers in the same niche is an exercise in futility. Okay, granted, maybe in SOME niches that is the case, (such as Forex maybe?) but when it comes to eBooks and eBook marketing, there are more than enough customers and products to go around many times over.

SO, use this to your advantage. This little step-by-step simple plan is something that worked great for me, I am sure you will see results as well:

Step One: Beef-up and Polish Your Giveaway

You should create a free eBook that is a prelude to your main eBook. Don’t put ANY affiliate links in this; only put one link (on its own page, maybe after the TOC) to your squeeze page with a nice eCover that showcases your main eBook. This will be the only link in the free version of the eBook. Tell the reader something like “if you like this eBook, then you will love the full version! Click here for details on how you can get a special discount on it.”

Then when they go to your squeeze page, they will have to subscribe to your list in order to get the discount coupon for your main eBook. If you want to go all out then you could create a newsletter for them as well, but you don’t have to do that right away. Don’t just throw something together; it will just waste your time. When you are done with it, ask yourself if you would subscribe to a mailing list in order to get it. If the answer is no, then work on it until it is yes.

Step Two: Have the Right Tools for the Job

Make sure you have a good squeeze page, autoresponder service (Aweber is the best paid one, MailChimp is a great free one). Setup your autoresponder so that it automatically sends the eBook discount coupon/code to new email list subscribers. Then they will often buy the full eBook if they came this far.

Step Three: Make a List and Check it Twice

Now, make a list of quality blogs that are in the same niche as you, or one that complements yours well. Make sure they have at least a PageRank of two. Make sure that each one of them has their own mailing list where they also are giving away a free eBook/report/software in exchange for prospects joining their list. Make sure that all of them are reachable via email. Keep this list as an active log to help you keep track.

Step Four: Reach Out and Touch Someone

Open up your email and create a new email message. In the subject field just type “question about your free eBook” or something like that. Make sure you place one email address in the TO field, and the rest put into the BCC field, NOT the CC field. This will allow you to send out only one email and all of the recipients will get it, but won’t know that they were only one of many recipients. In the body of the email, type a pleasant greeting, and tell the site owner that you would like to offer him/her your free eBook to giveaway to their list subscribers as an added incentive to join their list. For them it is a win-win situation, they can only gain by bulking up their freebie package anyway. Tell the site owner that you only require them to leave that one page in the eBook so that his subscribers can check out your full main eBook if they wish. Mention that there aren’t any affiliate links in it. Be sure to keep the attitude that you are helping them, because you are, people’s first reaction to anything these days is “SCAM!” so some need more convincing than others.

That’s it! Those four steps will continue to work for you passively, because the blog/site owners get new subscribers to their lists every day. Also, it is simple, and can be repeated a billion times if you are the hardcore type. If you can’t get any blog owners to accept your free eBook to give away to their subscribers, you might want to look at your free eBook, and make sure it is as valuable as you can make it. The better the freebie, then the better your results.

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