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How Much Do I Earn From My Online Business

Hey guys, this blog post is going to be different than any other post you’ve read before on FamousBloggers blog, this is how I personally feel about it, maybe because I made something that I am not used to do! I am wondering what your impression would be after you read it, especially that this baby blog is two years old now, and probably it’s the best time to start sharing with you some really interesting stuff, so get read for it.

I have been asked by my friends and blog readers to share my monthly income or make some sort of monthly reports to be published on the blog.

To be honest I didn’t digest the idea, and I say no, absolutely not. I didn’t want to share this kind of information to the public. My point was simple, I mean why I would share this kind of information on the blog?!

I didn’t find a reason to do it, and you can say I was actually against that idea of publishing monthly income report online.

But, then things changed, yes.. A few days ago, it happened that I changed my mind, I am sure that this happens to everyone, you stick with something for long time, and you tell yourself it’s impossible, and then you just change your mind about it.

To be honest, I realized that publishing this kind of earning reports will give my blog readers some insights about what works and what is not really working, and it will give inspiration and motivation for those who are still struggling with their online business and the whole making money online thing.

I got inspired by Pat of Smart Passive Income Blog, so go get some!

What you suppose to do with this information

I am going to put this information in your hands, you go and study it, think of it or use it the way you like, it’s free real information that is not easy to get, it’s a result of real hard work.

I am not publishing it to get ‘WOWs’, but as I told you, it will make me feel great if you actually can make use of this information, and by the way, I may change my mind any time and stop publishing income reports, so don’t think it’s a final decision 🙂

From the other side, to me -personally- I am trying to study my own performance through time and keep records, I failed in doing this in the last two years, so I think publishing it online will motivate me to keep it up.

Check the Income Reports Page and Graph

I am going to use some simple CSS3 Bar Graphs I bought from CodeCanyon.net today, this will help me to visualize the data and make more understandable by just looking to it.

This Graph will be updated mainly on monthly bases, but it could get some live updates when I have a chance. Anyways, I’ve created a simple WordPress short-code so I display the graph anywhere I want on the blog, but it’s a little wider than the content area’s width, so it won’t fit in posts, I hope once day I work out something to code it and automate it, so it will show more live information if I update it every day via an option panel of something.

I am going to dedicate a new category for my online Earnings Reports, and there will be a specific page for the Income Reports to display the Graph along with links to all reports to make it easier for you to find it, and study the case on one page.

To make things easy for me, I will start from last month income; I’ve collected the information from last August, and I will do my best to keep these reports updated on the blog in the coming months, but I am not sure if I can get the old data and complete the Graph, let’s see what will happen latter, maybe I will get a chance to update it.

Also, one thing that I would like you to know is I am sharing my expenses on this post; I will be doing this latter next month to show you the ugly face of online business. Let’s say that in this post I am warming up, and the report will get more complete with time.

Let’s get into business

I know… I know… I talk too much 🙂

[box type=”note”]Before we get into business, I just want to inform you that these numbers demonstrate my online business income as a whole, so this is not FamousBloggers.net income, this is my whole income and expenses.[/box]

Now, let’s get into business, here is a list of my income resources from August 2011:

My Thesis Skins Business

ThesisAwesome.com has been my main stream of income since the last 8 months with more than $17.000 of income so far, you can say that this website can draw a smile on my face every morning; it’s so sweet to wake up and find out that you’ve made a few sales while sleeping.

I am planning to move the affiliate program to ShareASale.com soon because I want to organize the affiliate payouts to be on time without having to worry about it. I know it’s kinda expensive to join such network now, but still paying $650 to get a better service for you business and members is a good deal.

If you are up to affiliate marketing and you like to promote Thesis Theme, then we maybe can work together, why not join the awesome affiliate program, let’s start earning money.

Affiliate Earnings

 Paid Reviews

Advertisements Earnings

Gross Total in August: $5,355.43 

[box type=”note”]I haven’t shared my expenses, so the number you see above reflect my online business income, not my profit. Also, these are not the exact numbers, it could be lower or higher with a few dollars (for example: I didn’t pay attention to PayPal fees)[/box]

I remember I made almost $10,000 at 2010, that was my first year of blogging at FamousBloggers.net, not bad for a start, but I suffered a lot -being without a day job- dealing with life expenses, and while not having an income, I spend almost all my savings. However, things are getting better this year as you can see, the business grow very well and exceeded my expectations, but still not enough as there are many open doors that you have to make sure you close each of them every month, I bet you know that, well… This is life!

Success doesn’t mean relaxation, it means more responsibilities. Success requires more hard work to keep things running, especially in this stage, my stage, I call it .. The start!

It’s some sort of revolution, no… no… It’s a revolution

And, every revolution requires sacrifices. I’ve made sacrifices!

It’s almost 09:00 am here in Houston, and I am still working on this post since last night to deliver it to you Monday morning. So please, no hard feelings if you find a typo here or there 🙂

By the way, if you are wondering how many hours I work everyday…

I can tell it’s something between 1518 hours 7 days a week with no days off. Many nights I sleep with -one eye open- my Galaxy under the bellow, or with the iPad on my chest. I dream of my business, my fellow bloggers and friends, those who I do respect a lot, even though I never meet them in my whole life, but I know they are real.


I’ve got a lot of support from the community, and I would like to thank everyone who helped me, I really appreciate it and I wish one day I can return the favor.

I hope this information will benefit you, inspire you and motivate you in your journey.

Finally, I am making a full living from my online business.

What about you?

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