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Maybe you will find this title strange in the meaning, but don’t get me wrong! I am a BlogEngage proud member, but there is a nice story happened to me and I wanted to share with you since long time back, it’s a nice social networking story, it’s just that some times we feel to forget and hide our old history, specially if you are not proud of it, and prefer only to share our success, which is not making any since for me, I mean no one is perfect! in other words, success always comes after fail, so why I will share my success story and hide the real cool fail stories that we learn from them?! I am going also to tell how how I turned the fail to a success!

Don’t Digg A Page to Mixx

I remember when I first started blogging and joined social networks, I was trying everything possible way to promote my blogs, at this time my information about how to promote your blog using Social Networks was zero, nada!

I created a new blog and I was posting short kind of post with a link to other blogs, each post has only one link to the original post, and guy I did a horrible mistake! I was submitting this posts to Mixx, I was doing it like 4 to 10 times a day!

This is a Spammer.. Kill him!

The first time I knew about the word “Spammer” was when a member of Mixx community reported one of my submissions and I got a nice threaten email from Mixx team telling me that someone reported my submission as a blogspam, and if they continue receiving reporting they will have no choice but blocking my account.

I was shocked, and I started to ask myself what is “BlogSpam”, is doesn’t sound good! Is it a disease and I should to visit my doctor? What’s wrong with you people? Explain to me my mistake.. PLZ!

Damn! I was so worried about not to get banned from Mixx because I was getting great traffic, I was spammer you know LOL!

Then other members started to say “Stop Blind Voting”, you have to check what you are voting for before you hit the damn voting buttons, and stuff like that! And this action caused my spammy submission to show on the main page of Mixx that day! And I was getting more and more traffic! Everybody want to know who is this “Spammer” you know 🙂

My reaction!

I was thinking the whole day what to do to stop this voices says “ban him”, “Kill him”! And I knew that I must act and do something to stop this! or I will lose respect for ever.. then I decided to write a post to apologies and I publish it on MyLifeThinking blog says don’t submit a digg page to mixx, and I submit it to Mixx to tell everybody that I was stupid, and I don’t know what I was doing, but now after the long discussion we had I want to thank people who explained to me! I didn’t care too much after that for this spammy blog of mine, I removed recently and all it’s posts! I even got some awards from the community, check out my Mixx trophy case of awards 🙂

I just wanted you to share this story for two reasons!

  1. If you new to social networks then want to advise you not to get involved in such kind of mistakes and stop spamming if you are doing it, never submit pages on social networks to another social network! it will not take you to any good place, you are the one who will lose at the end!
  2. I think sharing your fail stories is important as sharing your success, we heard lots of success stories, but we want to know what was before the success! so don’t be shy to share your fail stories for others to learn from them.

Why this post Title?

I will go back to my post title and say to all my friends, bloggers and readers I am only active now on BlogEngage and MMO Social Network and I would like always to see valuable content and useful read on them, and this is a message to everybody, plz read the About pages of any website or blog you visit, try to know what it is about before you submit something to it, this is the best way to participate and get benefits for your self and for others! and Oh! don’t BlogEngage your MMO Stories 🙂

Now it’s your turn!

I have shared a story of mine with you, now it’s your turn, I am sure there were something interesting, strange, weird or funny happen to you in the beginning of the beginnings of your blogging life and social networking hang outs! Share something with us, let’s make this post valuable!

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