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Who is going to Donate his Google AdSense earnings to provide Medical Aid and Internet Haiti

pictures of haiti

Another way for those who would like to support Haiti by sending medical aid, I have just heard today that there is an option provided by Google AdSense, basically you will be able to donate from inside your Google AdSense account directly, and Google AdSense will take care of the rest through there teammates at Google.org, they have identified Partners In Health (PIH) as the recipient of these funds, I see now how the internet is helping Haiti everyday!

This is another side of Google for good, and I send my regards to all Google AdSense team who have been working behind the scenes to develop a way to help AdSense publishers – bloggers to find another very simple and easy way to internet Haiti with help.

Together we can bring back pictures of Haiti

pictures of Haiti before

Pictures of Haiti today

But I don’t earn that much from Google AdSense!

This is absolutely NOT a problem! I know it’s hard to make money online for most of us, but numbers in this case doesn’t count my friends, I mean think about how many AdSense publishers out there?! even if you earn $10 or $100 you will still make a big difference if the help is delivered by large number of detonators! So.. Let’s earn from Google AdSense for good!

Are you going to check out this option and internet Haiti with some support?

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