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Best Knowledge Base Software For 2022 – Document360

Best Knowledge Base Management

There has been an increasing need for knowledge base software over the last several years. Its market was valued at USD 22.45 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 58.81 Billion by 2028. Many growing businesses are looking for software that helps create documentation without dealing with expensive, feature-heavy platforms that need dedicated expertise.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and one of the best knowledge base software for 2022 — Document360 is the answer. It enables a rich writing and brand experience thanks to its unique features like category manager, customization tools, version control, and security features, to name a few.

Moreover, Document360 can help improve team cooperation and information sharing among the support staff even if they work remotely. You can leverage its real-time data from dashboards and sophisticated built-in analytics to report crucial facts about what the knowledge base readers want from your documentation and how you can enhance it.


All in all, this powerful tool lets you create an excellent self-service knowledge base for both your customers and employees. Let’s look at this tool in more detail.

Understanding the working of a knowledge management software

A typical knowledge management software works to help the organization with an application that can compile, manage, and share its collective knowledge into searchable data. It also involves using automated machine learning and more sophisticated systems to offer relevant articles from the database in response to readers’ requests.

With knowledge management software, you can configure your knowledge database to be private, public, or blend both. In a private knowledge base, you can only allow access to the logged-in users. Anyone navigating the knowledge base will search for specific content and get the desired search results to jump to that part of the information.

Now, check out the different aspects of Document360 that make it the best knowledge base software for 2022.

Promotes customer self-support

You may be using different project management tools and customer support should not add to the worry. With Document360 you don’t need to dedicate separate personnel or software for customer queries. Instead, customers may self-serve using Document360, which lowers support costs, simplifies onboarding, and eliminates the possibility of data loss within the company.

Document360 comes in handy in creating external knowledge bases, offering you the option to give tutorials and how-to articles for your customers to figure things out on their own. For instance, give them the in-app help they need to troubleshoot any issue.

The best part is that your authors, editors, and readers need no technical knowledge to start using Document360. All technical, non-technical team members and users can use Document360’s internal knowledge base to get the necessary information.

Document360 administration

A knowledge base administrator can benefit greatly from a wide range of article management options. For instance, using Document360, you can quickly omit an article from a search while modifying an article URL after publication. Moreover, you can also set up a redirection if any other pieces link to the previous URL.

Document360 provides Disqus integration that allows public article comments. It is a great technique to get feedback on your knowledge base articles and understand what your customers value the most.


Authors of the articles will show up just as soon as they contribute to the knowledge base portal. Document360 maintains a record of contributors for any content piece that has been authored, edited, saved, or published by a team member.

Focus on CX

The 2020 Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report suggests that consumers value self-service. As mentioned earlier, Document360 offers necessary self-help options which improve your users’ experience. Knowledge management systems immediately enhance the client experience via self-service as customers quickly resolve the challenges they face.

You are empowering CX with the self-service tool and helping your support agents function effectively. Thanks to a well-organized knowledge base, agents can quickly locate necessary information and address customer issues. It is also possible to reduce agents’ time on basic and repeated problems when knowledge bases are well connected to chatbots.

You can improve CX by enabling help agents to connect with consumers one-on-one with added context enabled by knowledge bases. In a nutshell, customer service representatives are more productive when using knowledge management software.

Breaks down internal silos

How often would your internal team members need to connect to other individuals in a company to get the necessary information? You can break internal knowledge silos with Document360 as it offers access control for internal documentation where admins can decide whom to assign edit, review, and comment rights. 

An internal, self-service option with custom security helps provide key business information without wasting employees’ time and efforts.

Document360’s Customer Support

One of the reasons why many businesses are choosing Document360 is because of its customer support. You can benefit from using Document360’s self-help tool to better understand the interface. They also maintain a comprehensive online support center that is easy to use and search with step-by-step instructions and screenshots. 

Another upside of using Document360 is that their support team considers your suggestions to integrate them into the final product in later releases. Also, you may reach out to them using email for quick help. They also help in end-to-end migration support.

Why should you be using Document360?

Suppose you are hesitant to use Document360 for its complexities, nothing to worry about. In fact, it is simple like a cloud-based word doc. Different people can collaborate on the knowledge base document, assigning various roles — owner/editor/administrator/reader/draft writer.

Each role has the ability to tag other team members to draw their attention. Knowledge base collaborators can restore any changes in the document. 

With Document360, you get an overview of their performance and search reports that provide you with information on the most popular and failed queries that clients search using your knowledge base. 

Trust Document360 has thousands of businesses using it from over 80 countries including Harvard University, Stackify, Mc Donald’s, Mambu, and plenty others.


You can have Document360 depending on your business needs and also your budget. Here are three price bands to choose from:

You also get the 14-day free trial for any package you select and are free to switch within that period. Check out more details on their pricing here.

Verdict: Trust its market image

Document360 has garnered many positive reviews and ratings on different websites which speak volumes of its success and usability. It gets those high ratings for its extensive feature-set and user-friendliness which is further enhanced by the company’s willingness to consider feature requests and ideas from its customers.

You can rely on Document360 as a knowledge base solution as it addresses a wide range of business requirements. There are many users’ testimonials that you can check to make the right decision as that only solidifies its image as a reliable tool.

Wrapping up

With Document360’s self-service knowledge base, you may design and customize any feature or widget to fit your documentation needs. Document360’s knowledge base outperforms most of its counterparts in terms of quality and focus.

Also, you benefit from the rapid rate with which they add new features and a responsive staff who can accommodate your needs quickly. Lastly, you will be given a personal customer success manager who will respond promptly to your emails and phone calls.

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