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Do Bloggers Need a Business Card?

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Whether or not a blogger should have a business card has a been a topic of debate in recent years.  It probably really depends on how seriously you take yourself as a blogger. If you treat your blog as a business, then more than likely, you no doubt have a business card.  Because, what business doesn’t have business cards?

Think of it like this- your blog or website is like  a business card/resume/portfolio for the Interwebs. When you finally meet other bloggers or potential clients, what do you give them besides a friendly handshake and your sparkling personality?

The business card is the single most powerful single business tool- dollar for dollar- you can invest in. – Dr Ivan Misner, Networking Expert

If your blog is the gateway to increasing more income, be it passive or non-passive, any way you can get the word out is essential.  The origin of the business card can be traced all the way back to 15th century China.  Of course it has evolved over the years to the designs that we have now.  I think it’s a safe bet that business cards will be around for a little while longer.

Now I’ll admit!

I’ve been blogging on the Smart Income Blog for over a year, and on my personal geek blog, The Uncanny Kevin Douglas, for over two years and I just purchased business cards for SIB. I personally use MOO Cards.  They’re awesome and have different designs and styles that will make you a happy camper. They made me happy!

I figure that now I’m taking blogging more seriously, having a business card is definitely a worthy investment.

You should, too!

If you’re going to be going to any upcoming events, like BlogWorld Expo, blogger meetups, etc.- you need to have a business card.

Get the most out of your business cards as a blogger:

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