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5 Reasons Why I’m Disliking your Facebook Page

Facebook Dislike

Everyone knows that facebook is a social networking site, so people use it to connect to each other. Furthermore, Facebook made the public profiles/pages to allow brands to connect with their fans, if you have a Facebook page you should connect with your audience the right way. I was thinking what are the things that the page owners should avoid or what are the motivations that make me or anyone else to dislike a page.

1- To many marketing updates, I want some knowledge from you

I Liked your Facebook page because I want to connect with you to gain knowledge and learn from your experiences. It will be unfortunate if you only update about recommended products. I’m not against this idea because I know a lot of affiliate marketers who promote products through their facebook pages but they also know when they should update, they share knowledge more than they share about products. I thought it won’t hurt if 10% if your updates are affiliate links.

2- I have liked your page long time ago but you haven’t posted anything yet to your page

As I said in my first point that I liked your page to hear more from you. You should usually update me about your latest blog posts or news? Maybe about what happens about your project. What is more, you can even ask questions to your fans, so you can make them feel that you are around them.

3- You don’t reply to my questions on your page wall and the comments in your status updates

It’s really not nice when I asked you a question and the only thing you can do is “Ignoring” me. I will absolutely dislike your page without any hesitation. There is no excuse for this even though you are a very busy person. You should the find time for your followers who respect and trust you. Moreover, you need to connect with your fans by answering their questions and help them with what they need. Believe me they are going to love you so much and will help you grow your online business if you do.

4-You are too self involved

Your page always (and I mean, ALWAYS!) talks about how you generate a million dollars, how you have so many twitter followers or how you have thousands and thousands of subscribers.  I love success stories, but I want to know “how” you did this not only what you have done.

5- You post updates so much, that you fill my news feed with your updates.

It is good to post updates to your page “usually”  but don’t get me wrong, because I didn’t say that you should flood my news feed with your update. I really want to know what my friends have posted recently and I don’t like to waste my time scrolling to the bottom of the page. In addition, you should have a gap between each update.  This way you give us time to read your updates without annoying us.

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