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Comparing GetResponse and Infusionsoft: What They Have to Offer for Marketing Your Blog

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When it comes to building and growing your blog, one of the most important assets is your email list. Not only does it allow you to foster new relationships with your subscribers, but your email list can also turn potential leads into returning customers.

As a digital marketer, you need an email marketing service that you can count on every time. In this GetResponse vs. Infusionsoft review, we will examine two of the most popular email marketing solutions to determine which is best suited for your blog’s e-marketing strategy.

But, before we do our mini-comparison, let’s talk about an important component in marketing, specifically, automation. That is something that is already built-in to most professional email marketing solutions. Without the automation aspect, everything would have to be done manually, and that really isn’t feasible. However, the question is, what automation, who does it best, and where do we find that ideal tool?

Automation is Key


In the video, above, Charles and Deborah talk about the need for automation and even a mention of GetResponse marketing automation, which is similar to HubSpot or Marketo, but priced for the small business market.

Comparing GetResponse and Infusionsoft

Both GetResponse and Infusionsoft are tools that allow you to:


Deemed as the world’s easiest email marketing platform, GetResponse enables you to create lists of prospects, clients, and partners, so you can build relationships with them and create a profitable customer base, understanding the differences between each of these types of relationships.

Marketing Automation

With GetResponse, your customers never feel like a random name in your database. With full CRM integration, you’re able to personalize all of the information you’ve collected through personal emails and inspire action. In addition, GetResponse’s enhanced market automation allows you to:

Landing Page Feature

One of GetResponse’s strong points is its landing page creator. This feature allows business owners to use different templates with a drag-and-drop editor to create a “squeeze” page that’s optimized to capture email addresses.


Infusionsoft is designed to solve the biggest of problems for the smallest of businesses. Infusionsoft’s platform allows business owners to manage everyday tasks all in one place. For example:

Final Thoughts

Streamlining your marketing strategy allows you to capture more leads while nurturing current customers. To be successful, digital marketers need to work smarter, not harder. By implementing an automated email-marketing pipeline, you will be able to track prospects as they move from one stage of the journey to another, ensuring that you keep in touch with all of the relevant communication. As a result, you’ll have a clearer picture of possible future revenue within your pipeline.

Both of these solutions (GetResponse and Infusionsoft) really have a lot to offer in the area of automation and understanding the customer. GetResponse gets a few more points, in the area of cart abandonment and traffic tracking, two areas which Infusionsoft does not cover. However, they are both fair providers of email marketing solutions and automation.

The question now, is which one is headed toward being a true competitor of HubSpot and Marketo, but priced for the small business? According to GetResponse, it is them. Infusionsoft would likely say they are well-established, but are they going anywhere beyond their firm footholds? What do you think?

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