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Getting Your Readers Interact More with Your Blog

Community News plugin

Have you thought about setting up a community news plugin on your blog? it’s a way to interact more with those who submit links to their own articles to your blog!

Isn’t it wonderful to see your readers getting involved with your blog? This is often achieved through feedbacks.

By commenting on an article, your readers start some form of interaction, it’s a discussion that goes the distance through replies and more comments. I am saying this based on what I see here on Famous Bloggers.

I’m not an authority on these matters, for my blog seldom receives comments. But it doesn’t mean I cannot discuss it, or write a post about it. Instead of being frustrated or envious of other frequently commented blogs, I try to find ways to let my readers interact with me. This is where I thought of setting up a Community News Page on my blog.

The Joys of Having a Community Page in your Blog

I recently installed the community news plugin for WordPress to allow more options for my readers to interact with me. I wouldn’t say it’s a complete hit, but it’s fairly new, it has a couple of submissions, and it’s there for the very reason I put it there – another way for my readers to interact with me aside from the traditional comment system.

It’s also a good marketing tool, for you as well for others who ventures into submitting their articles on the page. Though I cannot guarantee you an instant influx of traffic, it still can be a good source of information, if you’re like me who likes to visit other blogs to read without even having to go through the search engines. But for me, the best benefit you could get from it is the chance to meet other fellow bloggers without having to leave the comfort of your blog through the articles they submit.

Making the Blogging World A Better Place

In a world where competition is always at its height, a dose of camaraderie is always welcome. Getting the chance to interact with others through your blog is a nice way to start a friendship. Whether it occurs through comments, through your community page, or any other form, the important thing is that you’re being heard and getting your message across.

No man is an island, and it’s true whichever way you see it. Everybody feels the desire to be included. I do. The articles that I write on my blogs are simple ways to express what I feel and voice my opinions. I would be guilty of lying if I’d say that I don’t desire for my posts to be commented upon. I’m sure no blogger would want their blogs to remain hidden and uncommented. I wouldn’t and I have a strong feeling that you also wouldn’t want that to happen.

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