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How To Create A Good Chinese Website Content

A lot of companies overseas try to get into the Chinese market which offers huge opportunities to be successful and attract new consumers. Nevertheless, this special market is not so easy to approach and brands need to be helped mainly in order to create a website focused on Chinese consumers.

Indeed, they have shifting expectations which are really different from Western user’s ones. That’s why, website’s content has to be totally tailored to the Chinese’s cybernauts.

Here is the right solution for the most effective website’s content!

The secret of an attractive Chinese website 

If you have ever seen a Chinese website, you must had realized a lot of particularities compared to the Western ones. Indeed, Chinese websites such as sohu or even weibo, are really complex especially regarding to the content which is very important in order to get a quality website.

Also, while Western users prefer websites with design and a simple content, the Chinese ones need to learn a lot of information when they are browsing on online platforms, and then a lot of content.

For the most of Chinese websites, you can see a lot of links bringing users to new pages which open directly in a new tab. Actually, internet connection is really slow which allows cybernauts to browse on other pages by waiting for the website’s loading they really want to see.

This speed also explains why Chinese users prefer reading a text. Consequently, writings have to be long, hold a quality content and have links in order to inform users.

As with any worldwide websites, you have to keep in mind the SEO area in every new step of your Chinese website’s building. Indeed, you need to use strategic keywords and know social media’s tools in order to increase your brand e-reputation.

Also, if you manage well your website’s SEO, you will have a good positioning on Baidu, the first search engine in China which is the most important feature to create an attractive website.  Baidu’s core mission of its customer service is still to increase sales.

As I mentioned above, Baidu highly relies on one-to-one customer service. Thus, the performance’s evaluation is only based on rate of customers with who you get a successful negotiation.

A simple content’s translation from English to Chinese language is clearly not an effective way to make your website attractive regarding to the Chinese users. Indeed, you must adapt it to the social and cultural expectation.

In addition, your content depends on your target. That’s why, you also need to be informed about consumers you want to attract depending especially on the area where they are living.

Indeed, you can use a simplified Chinese language in the Mainland instead of writing a traditional Chinese characters used for Hong-Kong, Macao or even Taïwan. Therefore, in both cases, you have to invest in a local team with native Mandarin language and with marketing knowledge. Then, they could convey the message you want to the Chinese audience.

In order to create a website regarding to the Chinese habits’ reading, it is also important to consider some technical characteristics.

Smartphones first:

According to surveys realized in 2016, Chinese Internet users has reached 688 million and the majority of them browse through their mobile phones. Indeed, nowadays, smartphones are the best Chinese users’ channel’s information. This new trend has taken part of the e-commerce development in the Mainland which is still improving.

Moreover, Taobao benefits from this because smartphones have generated a turnover of 5.35 million yuan during the single days on November 11th this year. In addition, Chinese Social Media also are part of the e-commerce websites’ expansion including Wechat or Weibo.

IE6 lives:

Internet Explorer 6 remains still used by a large number of Chinese Internet users, more than 22% of them. Obviously, Microsoft tries to encourage users to use the latest versions and it will be very important to ensure compatibility with their local websites.

Payment options:

If you manage your own an E-Commerce Chinese website, China will offer you a lot of online payments such as Alipay, China Unionpay or even TenPay which constitute a really huge advantage to convert consumers to finally purchase your products. Indeed, these online payment platforms are connected to all banks in China by offering the possibility to make transfers, payments by credit card and many other functions.

Search engine optimization (SEO):

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China. It uses a search algorithm and a streamlined filing system. Its algorithm favors the original content and quality. Thus, the site’s search capability is also one of the key factors.

Also, in order to maximize chances to be well positioned, the main important content should be reflected in top because robots indexers tend not to go through the pages until the end …

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