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Watching Your Grammar in Your Blog Posts


Now I wouldn’t say I’m the worlds best with my grammar and do take the time to check through my posts with a spell checker and a hopefully find that they are grammatically correct or at least to a standard where they can be understood.

But where do you stop, you could possibly go on forever trying to make your blog posts to a standard which is beyond your reader, you don’t really want to be blasting out something to your readers that only a graduate of quantum mechanics would understand nor would you want to write your blog post as a five-year old!

But there does come a time when you need to balance out your posts with simple to understand phrases and correct grammar, OK, if your English isn’t that good then you can easily be forgiven, but to blatantly type posts out with umpteen spelling mistakes can make you look bad when it comes to your blog posts and usually these are the first things that people pick up on, I have also heard that search engines also rate blogs slightly better if the spelling and grammar is correct.

So what is the point of this post and why am I rambling on, well, to put it simply, it’s a bit of advise to those that maybe starting to blog or have blogged for a while and just type up an article and post it without checking it first.

It’s a simple rule of thumb; before you post on your blog, make sure you have checked your spelling and read through your post so that it makes sense to you.

If you are using WordPress then use the spell check option in the post editor, if you don’t have a spell checker then type your article into a word processor and use the spell checker there, some even come with a grammar checker so use that as well, this will certainly help your posts look more professional and help your readers read your posts with ease without trying to decode those terrible spelling mistakes etc.

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