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Building Backlinks Should Be Fun Too

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One of the first questions a prospect asks me is, Brian, are your RSS and Marketing Services good for backlinks? Now, naturally yes our portfolio of social media websites are indexed by Google, most have a Page Rank of 2 and 3 so yes the services will help your backlinks. What I don’t get is why the question of backlinks comes up first?

Why don’t prospects see the true value in joining my blogging community? The value of connecting with thousands of other bloggers? The chance to build online relationships and the chance to share our blog content? It seems the general consensus of what’s most important is building backlinks.

See, I’m a marketer at heart, I graduated with a 3 year business diploma in marketing so I know the importance of building relationships. I also understand the importance of ranking in the search engines. Let’s face it, to rank you need links not relationships.

So what I propose is a combo of both worlds. I propose a way to generate backlinks while still having fun meeting new people and building relationships. Here’s a few ways we can accomplish this as bloggers.

Fun Methods of Backlinking

I love to help new bloggers in public blog forums. I have all my favorite forums in a bookmark folder so I can open them all in new tabs. I visit blogging forums, social media forums and other forums I have an interest in. I search the new posts and engage in conversation with these forums memebrs. Every time I post I’m gaining some backinks from my signature. Now I know they have little value but remember we’re getting backlinks while still having fun. If you’re lucky you can link to your own blog articles that may answer any forum questions in detail.

I don’t know about you but I love blog commenting. Now that I’m working on Blog Engage full time I find myself engaging with all our blogging members. I love to read what they have to share and I love commenting even more. When I comment I get to leave a backlink to my site. This is a very high valued link and if we’re lucky the blogger will have comment luck.

Avoid Repetition! I like to warn bloggers to use caution when submitting links into blog directories. It’s great for SEO but it can be very annoying if your spending all day doing it! Take a break and enjoy the forums or blog commenting. If you split this process into a few hours a week it will seem much easier and fun to do.

Many guest blogging blogs allow you to have a few links in your articles. This is a great way to develop high quality links. In fact this form of backlinking is placed very high on the quality scale with Google and can also bring a lot of fun to your day. Think about how awesome guest blogging is. while gaining quality links you are also building great relationships with the people commenting on your articles.

Discussion and Feedback

I hope you enjoyed my post, I think if you follow some of these steps you will find the important of building relationship can be just as important as building backlinks. When done right they make an excellent combo. I’m open to your thoughts and would love to hear your feedback. Please post a comment below!

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