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Have any one Joined John Mayer and Matt Cutts on Digital Cleanse?

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It seem to be an interesting action or maybe I can call it a re-action for an action, everybody is out of the Holidays now, I am sure that most of us are still tired and a few smart people toke the chance to rest and relax during the Holidays, Actually I am not from those smart people! I didn’t even enjoyed my time as I was working day and night on our New Social Network and Bookmaking website, so I am thinking to take some time a way from social networks and social networking itself, I think it’s the time to join John and Matt on this Digital Cleanse and relax my network for a few days!

What is Digital Cleanse?

If you have done a Hard drive fragmentation for your drive before then you can easily understand what Digital Cleanse means, but this time it’s not for a hard drive, but it’s for brain drive!

John Mayer has his own roles for Digital Cleanse, and Matt Cutts has take part of Digital Cleanse by his own way when he said no Twitter for a week!

Well, we can create our own roles, So.. mine is very simple, I will just be a way from social networks for a few days, maybe on the 10th of January I will be back, but of course I am not going to stop blogging and replying to my emails, so the only way to contact me on this week it by email or by leaving a comment on my blogs, so let’s see how that will work for me, and if you decided to follow this idea then share your feelings!

OK, I will go now and just share this post with you on twitter, see you!

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