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Top Ten Famous Blogs Running WordPress

Famous Blogs Running Wordpress

If you take a moment to sit back and think about how much of a difference WordPress has made in the life on an online marketer and blogger, it’s quite amazing. Years ago I did everything in basic HTML. I had no idea how to program or design fancy web sites. It’s now been five years since I launched my first WordPress site at ZacJohnson.com, and WordPress is all I know and do now.

Even though WordPress is a free software and it powers over 50 million web sites and blogs, it’s still being used by some of the top sites and multi-million (even billion!) dollar companies.

In a recent “State of Blogging 2012” infographic from Blogging.org, it’s reported that “there are an estimated 31 Million bloggers in the US as of July 2012“. Imagine what this number will look like in just a few years! Everyone is moving to, and using WordPress… no matter what type of web site or blog it may be.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 web sites and blogs on the internet using WordPress.









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If WordPress can run these million dollar web sites, imagine what it can do for you!

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