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Are You Ready To Work Your A$$ Off

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Blogging for a living is not easy work, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is a liar.

I have been at this for a couple of years and I do make a living, but here it is, a Sunday, 11pm and I am writing this article. I have been in front of my computer since 10am this morning (slept in because I was on my computer until 3am the night before).

If you are in this to make a quick buck, you have just as good a chance to win the lottery, and it would be a cheaper investment.

Are You Serious About Making Money?

If you are really serious about making money, then you MUST look at your blogging as a business. I see many bloggers say that they are not in it for the money, but I know that if they could figure out how to make money they might think differently.

If you think about your blogging as a business instead of a hobby, then you will most likely begin to make decisions based on a return on your investment (remember, your time is an investment).

So, ask yourself right now, do you really want to make money from blogging?

Multiple Ways To Make Money:

Something many don’t realize is that are many ways to make money online. I know people that make money off Twitter (I don’t really like that way because it seems deceptive), I know people that make money just building niche sites for AdSense or affiliates, and I know people that make money mainly from their own products and services.

You MUST find what your talent is to do this. If you have a unique product to offer, or are good at keyword research and can build niche sites, or maybe you have experience in something that can help someone in that industry and you can coach/teach others, no matter the niche you have to have a plan.

It Is Still Hard Work:

Just because you don’t have a shovel in your hand doesn’t mean it isn’t hard work. I probably work 80+ hours a week right now, and I am not saying that everyone has to do that, but you have to work hard just like any business to rise to the top.

Do you think that Darren Rouse, Guy Kawasaki, Tim Ferris (well, we all know he only works 4 hours a week), or David Risley sit around goofing off all day? I highly doubt it.

Look To Successful People As Role Models:

Those that are successful in business are role models for the rest of us. If you watch them you will see, they are working their butts off, and they continue to work their butts off to make money.

If You Fall Down, Get Back Up:

You will fail, it is almost inevitable. The real question is, how you handle that failure. Will you learn from it? Will you give up? Or will you pick yourself up and continue on. If you look at failures as learning experiences instead of failures, it just might help you achieve your goals faster.


No matter what your goals are, be determined to succeed and be willing to accept that some goals will not be obtained.

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